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Boy, it’s been a tough summer for restaurant closings. Decca is closing after 10 years in NuLu, and Gold Bar is also closing in Butchertown. And now – it’s time for the Kentucky State Fair, plus some more food and cooking news.

5 kitchen design tips – Columnist Dana McMahan has designed and remodeled more than a dozen kitchens over the past few years, and she has advice on everything from paint colors to counter space choices and tile placement. Great advice if you’re looking to update your home.

Amy L., Yelp reviewer: Dairy Kastle is a local hotspot.  They are only open seasonally but there is ALWAYS a huge queue.  People go crazy for this place.  I can see why.  They offer a ton of delicious ice cream, floats, bursts, sundaes, shakes and more for cheap and the owner is super friendly and helpful.  .

Dairy Kastle closes early — This summer season ice cream spot is closing early this summer due to a lack of staff. Usually it’s open a bit longer, but this year it closed on August 14 and won’t reopen until March 2023.

The Blue Ribbon Cake at the Kentucky State Fair in the Your Favorite Cake category.

‘Your Favorite Cake’ has been crowned — Each year, the winning cake in the “Your favorite cake” category from scratch at the Salon sees its recipe published in the Courier Journal. Check out this year’s winner.

International Catering's Fried Coffee Cake for the 2022 Kentucky State Fair

2022 Kentucky State Fair Food Guide — It’s time to eat something flaky, fried and delicious. This year’s brand new “it” is a fried, cinnamon-rich, rich coffee cake. View the list of vendors and menus here.

More from the Kentucky State Fair:

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