Jubilee decorations stolen from outside care home just hours after they were put up

Bescot Lodge, Bescot Road, Walsall

The decorations were stolen from Bescot Lodge, a care home in Bescot Road, Walsall, and left staff and residents upset.

They had been installed just after lunchtime on Friday, but by 8.30pm the majority had been stolen.

The Jubilee celebrations will be the first event held at the home since the pandemic, and staff hoped to make it a special event.

House manager Elaine Turley would welcome any donations or help to get the house back in shape and ready to celebrate.

She said: “We had put up flags, pennants, photographs of the Queen, balloons and all kinds of decorations.

“We spent weeks setting everything up, and obviously we incurred costs as well.

“We thought we were going to get ahead and set things up a bit earlier, and then it happens.

“In terms of money, we’re talking, start to finish, at least £300.

“We organized a garden party for them, but things are more difficult to set up with what is happening.

Many objects that had been used to decorate the house were donated by the families of the inhabitants.

Elaine added: “They’re quite upset that someone saw them and stole them.

“People can see we’re a care home, there’s a huge sign outside.

“It would be nice if the community could help us.

“They’ve waited how many years for this, they’ve barely been out of the building for years with Covid.

“It doesn’t make sense, especially since the residents are vulnerable.”

The house has 26 individual rooms and cares for residents with dementia and sensory impairment, most with memories of the Queen taking the throne.

In the past, Christmas lights have also been stolen from outside the building.

Anyone who could help the house make the occasion an enjoyable and memorable experience can contact them via email at [email protected]


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