Jennifer Love Hewitt made adorable back-to-school baskets for her kids


After 10 manic weeks of holidays and camps and applying sunscreen, it’s finally back to school! Across the country, parents are celebrating by buying their kids new jeans and sneakers, completing the dreaded list of school supplies and dreaming of the coming days of fall when everyone will be back on a real schedule.

And if you’re Jennifer Love Hewitt, you’re apparently raiding your local Target’s party decorating aisle and going a little overboard with back-to-school baskets for your elementary school kids.

This week the 9-1-1 The actress couldn’t wait (see what I did there?) to get her kids in the school spirit and piled her kitchen island with decorations and gift baskets for her two older children, Autumn James, 8, and Atticus James, 7.

“We are ready for the new school year,” she posted on Instagram, along with a photo of her amazing journey. “I can’t wait to give them to the children. I can’t believe I’ll be having a 3rd, 1st, and 1 year old in the same month! Life is beautiful❤️.”

What you can see in the photo includes several banners, tissue paper crayons, a fake blackboard and other party decorations. And the two children have a labeled basket for each of their new grades: first and third.

Although what’s in the baskets themselves is a mystery, it’s safe to assume they have everything they need for the year – maybe glue sticks, Fiskars scissors, pencils and good old #2 pencils. But that’s just a guess.

In addition to her two older children getting on the big yellow bus in September, Love Hewitt is also celebrating the first birthday of her third child, Aidan James. She shares the three children with her partner Brian Hallisay, whom she met on the set of The list of customers.

It’s no secret that Love Hewitt is a self-proclaimed “holiday junkie” or that the actor is completely obsessed with fall and Halloween — it’s no coincidence that his firstborn is named Autumn. She starts posting Halloween and pumpkin spice memes around mid-summer and loves decorating for special days. It’s no surprise that she’s also crazy about back to school and showing it.

This is all likely related to her self-proclaimed (and extremely relatable) target issue, which she also recently posted on Insta.

While we don’t often, if ever, get to see photos of the famously private Love Hewitt, it’s nice to get a glimpse of what the kids go through growing up with their fanatical fall mom.


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