Inside influencer Tammy Hembrow’s luxurious $2.88million Gold Coast home


Fitness influencer and entrepreneur Tammy Hembrow has lived in her $2.88million Gold Coast waterfront mansion since buying the luxury home in 2020, but we’ve rarely seen the interior .

Her 14.1 million Instagram followers got a glimpse of the high-profile property thanks to Hembrow’s mirror selfies, but now the fitness star has finally given fans a tour with a series of photos showing off the lavish pad.

Located on the Nerang River in Broadbeach Waters, the digs offer an Instagram-worthy view of the city skyline.

“The sense of calm and peace I feel here [sic]. My home makes me so happy,” Hembrow wrote on her post, showing a view of the pool and river at sunset.

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The first photo shared by Hembrow was of its pool and sun loungers at sunset, overlooking the Nerang River (L); So far, Hembrow has only given fans a glimpse of the property (R). (Instagram)

The house is situated on a large, hard to find block of 980m² on the sea front. It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, the master suite with a large dressing room and a luxury bathroom.

The open plan home is designed for indoor and outdoor living, “offers[ing]a space dedicated to relaxation, family time, large-scale entertainment, intimate gatherings and recreational entertainment,” according to the listing.

Tammy Hembrow inside the $2.88million Gold Coast mansion in Broadbeach waters
Hembrow has already shown fans snapshots of areas in the home, like his walk-in closet (L) or the main living/dining room with custom paneled cabinetry (R). (Instagram)

The home underwent a major renovation and extension in 2009, but it’s clear that Hembrow has made some tweaks since moving into the abode, including an all-white, neutral palette and details like custom paneled cabinetry around the TV.

The latest images show more of Hembrow’s interior design choices, including a close-up of Helle Mardahl glassware on the dining table.

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Tammy Hembrow inside the $2.88million Gold Coast mansion in Broadbeach waters
Hembrow has a penchant for colorful vases, including this collection of mouth-blown Scandinavian pieces valued at over $6,500. (Instagram)

The pieces are mouth-blown in Copenhagen, with the two-tone stacked vases from the Bon Bon collection costing over $1,000 each. The collection on her table alone is worth more than $6,500 on Net-a-Porter.

The serene space is the result of particular design decisions executed by Hembrow, with the interior scheme of the day neutral tones — whites, creams, grays, taupes, and muted pinks — throughout the space, with pops of color added through furniture, artwork, and smaller decor items.

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Tammy Hembrow inside the $2.88million Gold Coast mansion in Broadbeach waters
Hembrow’s master bedroom in soothing tones (L); The enviably chic kitchen pantry looks more like a food gallery (R). (Instagram)

Another area where Hembrow has instilled a sense of serenity is the kitchen cupboard.

The fitness mogul showed off her glass and bamboo jars, creating cohesion in a space that is often pure chaos for the majority of us.

Another photo shows her bedroom, again with neutral, warm and soothing tones of muted pink, peach, beige and cream, where texture and interest are added through pillows and furry stools .

Tammy Hembrow inside the $2.88million Gold Coast mansion in Broadbeach waters
The latest interiors post shows Hembrow’s love of vases and pops of color. (Instagram)

Hembrow, proud of the house, has previously declared on Instagram “I love it here”, while showing how the morning light bathes the corners of the house.

In her recent post, she showed that her love and care also extends to the outdoors. A blurry photo reveals a shimmering archway between two cool garden beds, showing that this #fitspo influencer is hoping to enjoy a little garden-to-table action in the near future.

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Tammy Hembrow inside the Gold Coast for $2.88 million in Broadbeach waters
Hembrow previously showed morning light bathing his home (L); and this week revealed garden beds in the outdoor area (R). (Instagram)

The garden will no doubt be a source of joy for her two children Wolf and Saskia, whom she shares with ex-fiancé Reece Hawkins.

Hembrow is currently expecting her third child with her current fiancé, Ironman Matt Poole.

The main 30m waterfront property includes other impressive features like an in-ground swimming pool, fire pit for chilly evenings and Hembrow’s own jetski ramp, wooden jetty and deep water access.

Inside Tammy Hembrow's $2.88million Broadbeach Waters Gold Coast home
The solar-powered house, nestled on the Nerang River, has its own patch of sand as well as a jetty and deep water access. (Luxury)

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