Indian Creek plots CARES law spending


Indian Creek schools will add staff, purchase buses and improve sanitation with more than $ 1.4 million from the federal government.

The money comes from the third installment of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, passed by Congress and enacted in March. In addition to direct payments of $ 1,400 for most adults earning less than $ 75,000, it provided money to private businesses and public institutions, such as schools.

Local school districts have received between $ 1.4 million and $ 4.8 million from the federal relief program, according to the Indiana Department of Education.

Indian Creek has set aside 20% of its CARES Act III funding for remedial education, for students who may have fallen behind in school during the pandemic. Of the Indian Creek CARES Act allocation, which is based on a school’s population and the district’s level of financial need, $ 286,968 will go towards remedial education under the current plan, according to school district documents.

School officials will hire a college math remedial teacher, remedial software, and remedial assistants. The plan includes additional funds for teachers who teach students outside of school hours, said Andy Cline, assistant superintendent.

Remediation assistants work with students one-on-one, reviewing the program and describing students’ strengths and weaknesses and what they need to improve on, Cline said.

Everything school officials plan to do with the money is subject to federal approval, and the amounts could be adjusted as the money arrives, which could be as early as July, he said. declared.

Almost $ 370,000 of the money will be spent on remediation as part of the Indian Creek plan. This includes some things that were needed during the pandemic in particular, such as a Clorox 360 machine. Other items are essential for the future of the district. More than $ 258,000 will be spent to upgrade the HVAC system, which provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning to the three buildings in the school district, according to the district plan.

The largest sum of money – over $ 383,000 – will go to a myriad of equipment items throughout the school district. The 30 items listed include desks, chairs, science tables, water bottle fillers, a digital microscope and more than $ 120,000 in desktops, among others, according to the plan.

Another significant portion – $ 264,000 – will be spent on transportation. Of this amount, $ 105,000 will be used to pay for a 78-passenger school bus; $ 62,000 will go to a sports bus; and $ 97,000 will be used to pay for the bus cameras, which will be used for security and contact tracing purposes, Cline said.

By the numbers

Indian Creek Plan for the CARES Act III Allocation

Note: This plan is subject to federal approval. Amounts may change.

Remediation: $ 286,968. This category covers teachers, assistants, and software that help students recover from the learning loss they may have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miscellaneous equipment: $ 383,663. This category covers a myriad of items including chairs, desks, science tables, a microscope, and lounge furniture for teachers.

Remedial assistant: $ 36,000. This category covers the salary and benefits of a remedial assistant.

Washrooms: $ 22,670. This money will be used to fund additional restrooms at Indian Creek Middle School.

Nursing care: $ 2,746. This category includes nursing equipment and furniture.

Telephone system and inventory: $ 69,500. This category covers the support of the district telephone system, as well as its fixed assets.

Sanitation: $ 369,292 This money will go towards sanitation equipment and HVAC upgrades.

Transportation: $ 264,000. This money will fund two buses and bus cameras.

Total CARES Act allowance: $ 1,434,839

Source: Indian Creek Schools.


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