I’m an interior design pro – Americans want a certain functionality in their kitchens, it’ll make selling your house easier


ONE design element can make or break a kitchen for many Americans, according to a survey that revealed what makes a dream kitchen for homebuyers.

The standout feature is one of many that may appeal to shoppers, but be warned: a major design misstep that can sabotage your sale.


A kitchen island is a staple in Americans’ dream kitchens, survey findsCredit: Getty

Home Advisor experts surveyed 3,000 Americans to find out what the average “dream kitchen” is.

The ideal kitchen looks a lot like the inspiration photos you might see on Instagram and Pinterest.

“Stone tile backsplash, marble countertops, natural wood cabinetry with a light to medium finish, hardwood floors and stainless steel hardware are the dream kitchen design elements chosen by the majority of homeowners. survey respondents,” the survey reads.

Americans in 33 states said hardwood floors were their preference, and marble countertops topped the rankings in 20 states.

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Other popular elements, such as granite countertops, white cabinetry, and brass hardware, all came in second.

Survey respondents in 17 states preferred granite, a longstanding trend in the kitchen that is on the way out.

Only respondents from one state, Maryland, preferred butcher block counters to any other.

If you’re trying to sell your home, having a kitchen island is non-negotiable, experts said.

39% of Americans said they wouldn’t buy a home without a kitchen island.

Walk-in pantries and pull-out drawers have proven more important to homeowners than stainless steel appliances.

Having the right components is key to selling your home: 55% of Americans wouldn’t buy a home if they didn’t like the kitchen, the survey finds.

If you have wallpaper in your kitchen, be proactive and remove it to attract potential buyers.

A majority of Americans, 71%, would prefer a solid paint color to wallpaper.

The owners are serious about their commitment to the perfect kitchen and they will sacrifice big if necessary.

When asked if they would give up sex for a year in order to receive their dream kitchen for free, 60% of respondents said yes.


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