I’m an interior design expert – a new trend instantly makes your kitchen look more sophisticated and helps keep it clean


A NEW trend in design can make your kitchen look more sophisticated while keeping it clean.

Interior design experts have said that using a whitewash on kitchen walls can prevent mold and give the most popular room in your home a chic new look.


Interior design experts have revealed exactly why whitewashing is the perfect idea for your kitchenCredit: Getty

Whitewash is a painting technique that draws on ancient practices to create a rustic texture.

While whitewash is trending mainly for the minimalist and industrial look, the usefulness of paint could keep the trend going.

Los Angeles-based designer Melanie Thomas explained why paint durability is an important aspect to consider.

“Maintenance is cheap,” Thomas told Homes and Gardens.

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“An advantage of whitewash is that it won’t peel off like normal paint since it penetrates brick and plaster.”

She explained that the durable finish makes the material a great idea for farmhouse kitchen walls.

The durable paint is also sanitary, which is ideal for the room where you inevitably prepare and eat food.

The lack of plastic ingredients in natural lime paint can allow your kitchen walls to “breathe”, preventing funky things from growing.

“This prevents mold and fungus from growing on lime painted surfaces, providing natural protection for kitchens,” said lime paint specialist Fanný Hjartardóttir.

Utility aside, whitewash has been delighting social media users for its interesting textured look.

Hjartardóttir said whitewashing can create a “unique, matte surface” that brings “an artistic and natural feel to your home.”

Helen Parker, creative director of deVOL, told Homes and Gardens that she loves the painting for this exact reason.

Parker said whitewash has the ability to give your kitchen “character that can’t be created by just a paint finish.”

“It has so much more texture and personality,” Parker said.

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