I work at Cracker Barrel


UNIQUE, vintage decorations are part of the dining experience at Cracker Barrel.

The Singleton family has been selecting and sourcing items and decorating restaurants since the chain opened in 1969.


Each slot has an ox yoke hanging over the door as shown here

Larry Singleton is now the decorating manager who oversees a 26,000 square foot decorating warehouse with approximately 90,000 items, according to Country Living.

The plethora of decorations customers have come to know and love have five pillars for each location.

A stag’s head is positioned around the fireplaces in the dining room.

Guests are blessed with the horseshoes that hang above all exterior entry doors.

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Each retail section has a stove used as a display. When the restaurant first opened, Singleton bought these stoves off people’s porches.

The Singletons noticed ox yokes nailed over barn doors in the south, so the family added them to the list of necessary decorations.

Traffic lights are still hung above the bathrooms. These were once plentiful, but are now harder to find.

Each restaurant has approximately 1,000 antiques picked from the warehouse.

Singleton and his team of four find, clean, repair, select and prepare every item in the warehouse before he finds a forever home in a Cracker Barrell location.

Larry’s parents, Kathleen and Don Singleton, owned an antique store called Spider Web Antiques in Lebanon, Tennessee, where Cracker Barrel is originally from.

Danny Evins, the founder of Cracker Barrel, reached out to Kathleen and Don to see if they could help decorate a restaurant he was opening nearby.

Since then, Larry has inherited the job, and the Singleton family has been instrumental in decorating each Cracker barrel location.

Cracker Barrel and other restaurants like this all have little things that make for a special experience.

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