How Shaving Foam Can Help Keep Your Home Shiny and Clean on a Budget


KEEPing your house ship-shaped and shiny is about to get more expensive.

A major manufacturer of cleaning products has said it will increase its prices as its own costs rise.


Shaving foam is an economical product that can be used to keep your home shiny and cleanCredit: Alamy

But experts at bathroom design company Drench recommend shaving foam as an unlikely hero for multiple uses around the home.

Here are some ideas to help you clean on a budget. . .

DE-BUEE: Tired of having foggy mirrors after a shower? Shaving foam can be used to prevent fogging of mirrors and cleans without leaving streaks.

Lather shaving foam on your mirrors, let sit for a minute, then wipe off with a clean, dry towel.

SO GOOD SOFA: Stains on your micro-suede furniture? Shaving foam is your new best friend. (For this one, be sure to use cream, not gel.)

Cover stained areas with shaving cream and leave to act for 20 minutes. Wipe down the sofa with a clean damp cloth, then vacuum the excess water with a wet vacuum.

Let it air dry and your sofa will be like new.

MAKES PERFUMES: Shaving foam can also change odors. Use it to clean your toilet sink and things will smell fresh.

It also works well on the grout between your tiles. So clean those floors.

A KIT FOR THE KITCHEN: If you notice scorch marks and dirt build-up on your glass hob, try covering the electric hob with shaving foam.

Leave it on for 15 minutes, then simply wipe it off.

CAR SEAT SAVER: If the light-colored coating on the car looks dirty, shaving foam can help. Using your hands, rub the foam in the car seats, scrub well with a sponge and then rinse with a cloth and lukewarm water.

A FLOOR OF YOURSELF: Shaving foam can also remove stains from the carpet.

If you have makeup stains, splashes, or even nail polish on your carpet, massage the lather into the area and leave it on for about ten minutes.

Then wipe off the foam with a damp cloth.

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