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How often should you really clean your bathroom? This is a question many ask when, again, we are guilty of moving the task on the to-do list for tomorrow instead of today. But a regular bathroom cleaning routine is really important and, spoiler alert, it’s probably more often than you think.

For many of us, cleaning the bathroom is understandably the least popular chore when it comes to cleaning the house. Let’s face it, it’s not the nicest job; tackling water marks, limescale and stubborn dirt can seem like a never-ending battle. After all that effort and elbow grease – and copious amounts of bleach – you’re back to square one within days.

And yet, we all know how important it is to have a clean bathroom. It’s a space used daily, usually by several people, and if there’s one place in the house where hygiene is of the utmost importance, it’s here. (I don’t think you need us to explain why…) So a regular cleaning schedule is a must.

To understand how regular your modern bathroom maintenance should be, we asked a few cleaning experts for their thoughts, along with some tips for mastering the dreaded bathroom deep cleaning.

Lilith is an expert at keeping up with news and trends in the world of interior design. She is committed to helping readers make the best choices in their homes by sharing practical advice and solutions for all their cleaning needs. For this piece, she asked cleaning experts for their advice on how often we should clean our bathrooms, as well as their top tips for mastering this dreaded chore.

How often should you clean your bathroom?

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Although how often you should clean your bathroom depends on how much you use it, as a general rule you should aim to deep clean your bathroom once a week.

“Your bathroom harbors viruses and bacteria and therefore should be cleaned regularly alongside other cleaning tasks around the house, with deep cleaning taking place at least once a week,” says Michelle Chadwick, Senior Brand Manager at Zoflora.

As you might have guessed, your bathroom will need to be deep cleaned more regularly if you share a bathroom with multiple people, especially if you have a large family. As Michelle explains: “In homes with children or even pets, the need to clean more frequently will definitely be necessary.” This could also be the case for small bathrooms, as the surfaces will be in contact more frequently.

If your bathroom gets a lot of use, try deep cleaning it once a week. Along with deep cleaning, you also need to perform quicker cleans or daily “wipes.” Cleaning places like your sink or bathtub infrequently and often will help maintain cleanliness and make life much easier when it comes to your deep cleaning later in the week.

What’s the fastest routine for cleaning a bathroom?

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When it comes to mastering an effective bathroom cleaning routine, the key is to take a strategic approach.

“I deep clean my bathroom once a week and like to maintain different areas of the bathroom daily depending on how often I use it,” says influencer Georgia Ward of Cleaning Corner. (opens in a new tab).

“Start with a versatile spray bottle with your favorite scent instead of using different products for each surface and then having to follow up with an air freshener,” she explains. Reducing cleaning products will make your routine much smoother, but it’s important that your option of choice is antibacterial. Also, it goes without saying that you should use designated solutions, like bleach or descaler, whenever needed.

As with any other area in the house, start by vacuuming and dusting to avoid redistributing dirt around the room. “It’s a good idea to start in one corner of the bathroom and work around so you don’t forget where you cleaned,” says Georgia.

For the best way to clean brass faucets, your shower head, or other delicate areas, be sure to let the cleaning solution sit for several minutes before wiping it off. “You should spray the areas you want to disinfect or the places with stubborn dirt or limescale first while you clean another part of the bathroom,” says Georgia. ‘Leave them on for 5 minutes before coming back to wipe off.’ Remember to always rinse areas with high concentrations of cleaning solution with lukewarm water afterwards.


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