How long do Hell’s Kitchen contestants really sleep?


The Richest reports that most “Hell’s Kitchen” contestants say their sleep ranges from zero to five hours each night. Why so little? A good night’s rest would be hard enough without the events of the day running through your mind. With the team’s infighting, Gordon Ramsay’s angry moments and worries about tomorrow’s competitions, chopping off his brain must be a near impossible feat. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing conspiring against competitor Zs.

For one thing, dorms aren’t exactly conducive to rest. Les Choses compares them to army barracks which, at first, are shared by five complete strangers. Another problem is that after dinner service and disposal is over, they still have to cook themselves, according to Delish. Yes, they may have sore feet, a stress headache, and extreme exhaustion, but they still need to eat. Plus, they can’t even be comforted or encouraged by their friends or family, as The Things reports that they’re forbidden from having contact with anyone outside of the show. To make matters worse, the show’s schedule is brutal. According to The Richest, they often endure 7-hour days and can’t hay until after 2 a.m.

It seems that the “Hell’s Kitchen” design keeps its competitors in a state of perpetual exhaustion. If you love nothing more than a Rip Van Winkle nap, this contest isn’t for you.


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