Hope Tourism Commission meets to discuss permits and payments, 2022 budget and Christmas decorations – SWARK Today


Hope’s Tourism Advertising and Promotion Commission met Tuesday evening at the Fair Park Community Center to discuss permits and late payments, the Tourism 2022 budget and the purchase of Christmas decorations for the season holidays 2022.

After January’s minutes and expenses were approved, the commission reviewed companies that are behind on their permits and payments. Hebrews 11:1 and The Pot Belly were found to be two months behind, while Wadley was three months behind. The commission agreed to send letters to businesses reminding them to pay.

The commission then approved its 2022 budget, with the understanding that there is room for changes throughout the year.

Finally, the committee discussed the purchase of Christmas decorations for the 2022 season. The decorations will be purchased with a 33% markdown. The commission plans to expand the area to be decorated next year and is studying which places on Hervey Street might be optimal for decoration. They have agreed to purchase a lighted arch and will continue to look for locations to display the Christmas decorations in 2022.


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