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Home organization sounds like another trend we see on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, but anyone who likes to live with a little common sense in their life knows that having an organized home has nothing to do with getting likes on social media. It’s a real lifestyle choice. No one knows this better than the sisters and professional organizers, Brandie Larsen and Ryan Eisland, founders of Home Sort. But, these incredible women are more than just organizers, they are entrepreneurs, TV stars and mothers. They have a line of home organization products with mDesign, a TV show on The Design Network, and a growing business. Their practical yet pretty approach to organization changes lives, one shelf at a time with a great sense of fun and humor.

A great idea

There are many interesting ways for people to build businesses. This often comes from trying to solve a problem or an “a-ha” moment. But for Larsen and Eisland, the idea came from their love for all things home. “We were sitting by the pool at the gym and hanging out while our kids were running around. We did the pick up and drop off. Our mother owns a research company and we have always worked for her. But we knew changes were coming. So Ryan asked our cousin if she wanted to start an organizing company. I said, ‘I’m setting right here.’ We didn’t know anyone doing it at the time,” says Larsen. “We love the house, we love to organize and we love the decor – changing things up.”


The women gave themselves a month to kick off and began filming content in their homes. It was 2017 and even though the social media landscape was different back then, they had a hunch they were doing the right thing despite their hesitations. “We [said]we’re really going to make these spaces in our homes organized and camera-ready. And if all else fails, the whole company falls apart and no one hires us, all we’ve done is re-beautify our homes and really dial in the systems,” Larsen says.

Still, the sisters approached everything with an entrepreneurial spirit. “We see everything as an obstacle, not a wall. And we keep jumping over obstacles trying to level up.

Line with mDesign

With their business thriving, Home Sort was in the spotlight in March 2022 when they launched a line of home organization products with mDesign. The brand is a $275 million privately held e-commerce company that designs and manufactures over 11,000 products, all in the categories of storage, décor and furniture.

The women were fans of the brand and often used their products in the households they hosted. They started a relationship through social media. “We wanted an organization worth displaying, at a good price, but that looks expensive. And have a bit of design,” the sisters explain.

The line, which is sold on both the mDesign website and Amazon, has everything needed to organize just about any space in the home. While there are plenty of standard essentials like clear bins, Lazy Susans and pot racks, it goes far beyond the basics with beautifully crafted bamboo pieces including drawers and trays. pantries, spice racks, drawer dividers and even bread boxes. There’s also a sleek black step stool to help organize higher spaces. These aren’t just the kind of products meant to be hidden away. For example, glass jars with wooden lids can decorate a kitchen counter or occupy open shelves as functional decorative elements.

Although not technically product designers, Eisland and Larsen threw themselves into the process, truly collaborating with the mDesign team. They went above and beyond, not just attaching their name to a product like many designers and celebrities do. “We were with their designers drawing things. It was truly magical and intimidating, all at the same time. But that’s kind of how it works. [We’d say] a product must be extensible. So they would take a mold or something they might already have. And then we personalize it,” says Eisland.

They wanted the products to be an authentic reflection of who they were as people and their brand, which meant designing with maximum functionality in mind, creating something that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Eisland tells me: “Even from a simple aesthetic point of view, there is no product that looks like this. And I think people really like that.

TV show

On April 5, 2022, Home Sort launched a show called To sort on the design network. The six-episode series is available on Roku, AppleTV, and YouTube as well as the network’s website and app. Each episode features a different house and family trying to organize everything from a home office to a closet, kitchen, and even a laundry room that also functions as a multipurpose space and cat room.

Filming the show was an amazing experience for the sisters. “We had six families and took space that kept them from living their best life. Our team arrived and simply transformed the space. So they could focus on what matters. So I hope [audiences feel]the heart behind it,” Larsen says, “It was real and genuine. Every amazing product we use was there.

Each episode is thirteen highly digestible minutes long and packed with plenty of great ideas to help viewers organize their homes, no matter how cluttered. “We want everyone watching to be able to take away a few tips and tricks to apply to their own home. This was really important to us because a lot of people need to get organized. We want to be part of their journey. What if all they can do is watch the show and get advice, that’s fine. There’s all kinds of spaces, all kinds of sizes. We’re showing that whatever space [is like]the organization makes it better,” says Eisland.

What’s next for home sorting

While a second season of To sort hasn’t been announced yet, it’s probably on the way. There are also more products from mDesign that will soon be launched with closet and bathroom organizers. So every corner of the house can have its own Home Sort key.


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