Heidelberg University completes $9.1 million dormitory renovation


Originally opened in 1966, the popular residence had never experienced major renovation.

TIFFIN, Ohio — Miller Hall is one of the most popular dorms on campus, even though it hasn’t been updated in decades. That is, until now.

Built in 1966, Miller Hall is the largest student housing facility in University of Heidelberg.

And with its then-unique suite-style dorms, it was one of the most popular residences for decades despite the lack of major infrastructure upgrades.

But now Heidelberg has completed a $9.1 million renovationcompletely rebuilding and modernizing the interior of the five-story structure.

“Created what didn’t exist in the 60s, and it was a community and social space. So living areas on each floor, study spaces on each floor, kitchenettes and laundry on each floor. And then a big, new entrance and a big community space downstairs.” said Rod Morrison, associate vice president for facilities and engineering.

University leaders say the upgrades were long overdue as higher education leaders across the country realize that the college experience needs to go far beyond the classroom.

“Not only at the educational and curriculum level, but also at the residential level,” Morrison said. “Where one is socially and actively engaged not just with students in your residence, but with faculty and staff. It’s important to create environments for this to happen throughout the institution.”

Now each room has its own HVAC unit.

And each floor offers a kitchenette, laundry room, study areas, and community space.

To provide students with modern indictments while preserving the history of the university.

“It was something I looked for when I was choosing a university, it was a place that respected the history they have,” said HU graduate student Em Swain. “So I think it’s important that we look to the future without sacrificing all the connections and all the memories that a lot of older people here have.”

Miller Hall won’t be busy for the first time this fall when the semester begins, but actually next week, as Heidelberg will once again host Show Choir Camps of America on campus.


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