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GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—This month, Geneva was one of 50 Alabama cities chosen to receive federal dollars for
home renovations.

Mike Gurspan of WDHN says the grants are aimed at low-income communities and provide “help” to residents who simply don’t have the cash reserves to make expensive improvements to their homes.

Several years ago, Barbra Morris received a grant to install new kitchen cabinets as well as
a central heating and air conditioning system. Morris says that, with the exception of a small local game, she has been able to get major renovations to her home thanks to the “fixed” income of her retirees.

Morris said: “Geneva Mayor David Hayes said his city had received a total of half a million dollars in home improvement grants. One of 50 small towns in Alabama to receive the money.
Mayor Hayes says it will help residents improve their homes, who normally wouldn’t be able to do so financially.

According to Mayor Hayes, “It’s a good way to get houses rehabilitated. Help the owners redo the houses. Air conditioners, roofs whatever their needs. Three is a target zone, so they probably have to get up with us at the town hall to find out if their house is in the target zone.

Grant money can be used for new roofs and a number of other improvements to existing homes.
Hayes says it’s designed for the heart of the city. In many cases, the neighborhoods were created more than 50 or 60 years ago.

Mike Gurspan says: “And a number of Geneva residents we’ve spoken to, especially older people, are quite happy to be getting the money to renovate their homes.”

Jim Pridgen, a resident of Geneva, says: “I love it, I think it’s great. I know several people who would like their house to be redone, but many people do not know it.

Geneva receives half a million dollars in block grants for community development
Will help him in his campaign promise to “give new life” to the older neighborhoods of the “Cité des Deux Rivières”.
Report in Geneva, Mike Gurspan WDHN News for wiregrass.


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