Ganesh Mandal removes politically themed decorations with replicas of Shinde, Uddhav


The move came after Pune city police pointed out that the mandal had only been given permission for flower decorations.

Mandal Narendra Ganesh had previously commissioned artist Satish Taru to create Satta Manthan themed mandal decorations.

The artist had created statues of Shinde and Thackeray as part of it.

“The Ganesh Mandal told me that he would not use a political theme. I stopped working on it,” he told The Indian Express. Taru said that many members of Ganesh Mandal did not want the political theme.

The Ganesh Mandals of Pune decorate their pandals according to various themes including historical events, cultural, social and political issues, as well as defense and science related topics. Continuing this tradition, the mandal had decided to depict the state’s biggest political event of the year: Eknath Shinde rebelling against then-Chief Minister Thackeray, associating with the BJP and eventually becoming the minister. chief himself.

“They explained to me the theme of the political turmoil that took place in the state during the whole episode of rebellion. It (the decorations) are done along the lines of the mythological Samudra Manthan. In a short time, I tried to do my best,” Taru said on Friday.

In the past, the city has seen statues of various prominent leaders, including Prime Minister Narenda Modi, being made as part of Ganesh festival celebrations, Taru said.

Senior Police Inspector Rajendra Landge of Faraskhana Police Station said: “While asking permission from the police, the Narendra Ganesh Mandal had stated that they would display flower decorations during the Ganesh festival and by therefore, permission was granted to them. But later, when we learned that the Ganesh Mandal planned a political theme instead of flower decorations, we organized a meeting with its leaders and activists on Saturday morning. During the meeting, Ganesh Mandal activists dropped their idea. But the police did not give any letter denying permission to the Ganesh Mandal.


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