From Tuscany to Contemporary, a renovation of Bonita Bay by Green Mountain Builders


Much can change in twenty years. Around the new millennium, two emerging trends have completely transformed interior design: the granite countertop and the open floor plan. At the time, the way the owners used their kitchen was changing: it was no longer purely functional, it became the new social center of the house. And slowly but surely it began to merge with the living room to create the large open living space that home buyers know and love today.

Until recently, the Tuscan aesthetic dominated new home construction and prompted renovators to modernize their clients’ homes. But just as the style was reaching its ubiquity, a new generation of home buyers entered the market. These buyers are looking for a light palate with pops of bright color; clean and modern lines; and simple functionality. This sleek new look is easy to maintain and very different from the bossy Tuscan style. The signature palette of burnt red, olive green, golden brown, and other heavy, earthy tones was a cornerstone of the Tuscan aesthetic, and often paired with dark woodwork to complement the old world trend.

Usually, the Tuscan design that was cherished years ago was based on the idea that more is better. The designers used an abundance of fabrics, colors, textures and accessories. But today, this look is considered busy and crowded. The old world charm that was popular in the early 2000s is gone and fresh, contemporary design is back. Homebuyers are opting for a simple, breezy design over warm tones, rustic iron, and wine-inspired vignettes.

The granite helped the owners uncover the stone in the kitchen, and we haven’t looked back. But now there are more options than ever before, including engineered quartz, dolomite, and other stone surfaces that are more popular and suited to today’s minimalist aesthetic. The Tuscan aesthetic was exemplified by elaborate custom cabinetry, pristine granite countertops, and prestigious travertine floors. These elements were complemented with a bit of old-fashioned luxury and ornate furnishings to create a Tuscan-inspired vibe that was entirely American. Today, mass “detuscanization” is taking place in America, particularly on the coasts and in places like Florida, where contemporary coastal design reigns supreme.

The transitional-inspired renovation of this lovely home transforms a tired, inefficient space into a contemporary dream home. This remodeling is a fine example of the craftsmanship and craftsmanship of the Green Mountain Builders.

Built in 2000, this “Birdie” model in Bonita Bay, Bonita Springs, Florida featured many of the Tuscan-style architectural finishes and features commonly found in homes built in the first decade of the 21st century. Typically all colors needed to be brightened and illuminated, all fixtures including chandeliers replaced, all features updated, arches made into right angles, and everything squared.

The walls were removed and the kitchen space was enlarged, opening up this fabulous space, letting in natural light. The open plan offers a more efficient and functional kitchen space. Dark brown granite countertops were replaced with a stunning dolomite top, and dark wood cabinets were lighted up with a two-tone design with white perimeter cabinets and a light gray backsplash replacing the original multi-colored brown mosaic installation. The flooring is now an elegant gray and white tile, much cleaner and lighter than the original beige flooring. Beige walls were painted white, plant shelves were placed above the arched architectural nooks and shelves were removed to create a clean linear presentation.

Everything dark was removed, including heavy, dark furniture, the designer then replaced with lighter, more contemporary designs. The grass canvas wallpaper has been removed, as has the glass block in the master bathroom which has been transformed into a spa-like vibe with a gorgeous shower and sleek contemporary cabinetry and plenty of storage.

The furniture associated with a Tuscan style home can feel as heavy as what you see on the walls, woodwork, or floor. Heavy earth-colored furniture can make rooms look darker and smaller than they actually are. Any Tuscan-style interior can be brightened up and updated, from window treatments with clean lines and subtle textures, to decluttering space. These aesthetic choices can bring a worn dated space up to style by today’s standards. Many Tuscan-style homes in Bonita Bay and Southwest Florida, which are now over twenty years old, are undergoing a renovation and renovation process updating interior and exterior spaces. Renovations typically open up interior spaces, use new and updated kitchens, living and dining areas, and include bedrooms, bathrooms, and various other interior upgrades and improvements.

Southwest Florida’s custom home builder and remodel company, Green Mountain Builders has a long and respected history of creating quality in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers for over three decades. All of Green Mountain Builders’ projects, whether it’s a new build or a luxurious renovation like this Bonita Bay home, are built with the utmost attention to detail behind the walls and in every space throughout. inside the walls. What owners don’t see is as important as what they see every day. Every home built or renovated by Green Mountain Builders offers exceptional value, along with top notch features and finishes.

Green Mountain Builders takes great pride in their work and understands that the foundation of any success is helping their customers achieve their vision. The mission is to work with customers to develop a unique, high quality home that exceeds their expectations and surpasses industry standards. Their goal is to provide exceptional service and lasting value while improving the customer experience.

Their customer-centric and quality-driven approach ensures that every owner feels comfortable, taken care of and that their needs and expectations throughout the process are met. We play an advisory role to help clients realize the best version of their home’s potential, while paying close attention to their wants and needs. We take great pride in providing professional, prompt and flawless services at an exceptional price,

The remodeling division of Green Mountain Builders specializes in whole home remodeling, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, outdoor living remodeling and adding rooms. Renovation skills and experience are essential to recreating a home that meets the current needs of a homeowner’s evolved lifestyle.

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