Friends of Artsakh of Detroit and ACAA Artsakh Fund Renovate Artsakh’s Fallen Hero’s House

The family of Goruyn Soghomonyan

Renovation of Martyr Commander Goruyn Soghomonyan’s house was completed earlier this year with financial contributions from Detroit Artsakh Friends in collaboration with the ACAA Artsakh Fund.

Friends of Artsakh was established during the 2020 Artsakh War in Detroit, Michigan to raise funds to aid and contribute to projects supporting Artsakh and its people.

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Renovation of Soghomonyan’s house began when Friends of Artsakh learned about the family’s living conditions. During the war, a bomb went off in their backyard, causing structural damage. The house, which was already in need of renovations, was in an unlivable state. Soghomonyan’s dream was to raise his three daughters in their ancestral home in the village of Dzaghgashad in Artsakh, where they all lived with his mother Elmira. The house has belonged to their family for over 100 years. The Friends of Artsakh of Detroit decided to embark on the project with the help of the ACAA Artsakh Fund, which planned and organized the construction work.

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In September 2021, representatives of Friends of Artsakh and ACAA Artsakh Fund visited the village of Dzaghgashad in Artsakh to assess the situation and plan the renovation of the house. It was apparent that the structure was unsafe for the family and needed immediate repairs. Construction began immediately and was completed in January 2022. This project was made possible by generous donations from the Detroit community, including the Soghomonyan Sisters who reside in Michigan.

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Soghomonyan was respected and loved by his soldiers. He was a brave and just commander, loyal to his comrades until the last day of his life.

Goruyn Soghomonyan

He was born and raised in his ancestral village of Dzaghgashad in the Askeran region of Artsakh. After graduating from Mesrop Mashtots University in Stepanakert, he joined the Artsakh Armed Forces. On April 2, 2016, he was appointed commander of a 10-man special unit in Ghurband, Aghdam. Using his sniper skills, they disbanded three enemy commanders and attacked a large number of Azeri soldiers. The enemy fled in panic, unable to break through the line of defence. Soghomonyan was awarded the Baghramyan Medal for Heroism for his bravery in the April 2016 war in Artsakh.

When the 2020 war began on September 27, Soghomonyan was on the front line, ready to defend his homeland once again. As the commander of the rapid reaction squad, with the rank of captain, he led his special unit to break through the enemy line, captured two enemy positions and caused heavy manpower casualties. enemy work. Soghomonyan confiscated ammunition and important documents, mined the whole area and returned without casualties. On October 31, 2020, he was appointed to the rank of major. He was supposed to return to the positions the same day after receiving another combat assignment, but unfortunately he was killed that night. Soghomonyan was awarded the Order of Courage.

Goruyn Soghomonyan’s medals on display at his home

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