Fort Worth dream home comes to life in just nine months thanks to Eggersmann’s expertise


When the Eggersmann Dallas team was approached about a whole house design for a new construction project in the Fort Worth area, they got off to an ambitious nine-month timeframe.

Known for their impeccable styling, German design and innovative approach, eggersmann brings a well-deserved reputation for exquisite contemporary and custom cabinetry, storage solutions and cutting-edge finishes that begin with hand-drawn renderings specially created for each individual. room in your house.

All rooted in European design sensibility and unmistakable dedication to craftsmanship.

The client’s vision for a contemporary Southwestern style home grew out of his or her passion or the American Southwest and love for their own vacation home located in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Inspired by a simple organic aesthetic, her goal was to create an original environment that is both luxurious and understated by incorporating a variety of natural materials.

In the owner’s own words, “Nothing difficult or requiring a lot of maintenance.

Located next to the kitchen, the bar blends in perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the house. (Photo by Manny Rodriguez)

The knowledge and expertise of Dallas designer Denise McGaha, combined with the beautifully illustrated architectural designs of Bernbaum / Magadini Architects, helped bring the design of the house to life. They worked closely with Eggersmann Dallas designer Kegan Wilson and project homebuilder David Lewis.

“During one of our first planning meetings – as we were brainstorming and going back and forth over designs, appliances, hardware and finishes – the client stood up, turned to facing our showroom kitchen display, pointed the finger and said to all of us: “This is what i want. Make it work, ”Wilson explains.

In a meeting at the showroom a few days later to review the kitchen, office and master bathroom designs, McGaha explained to Wilson that she had to travel with the client two weeks later. to visit Ruidoso’s house for several days.

“She told me,” So I need the designs and dimensions for each built-in and cabinet area and a full list of materials, finishes, fixtures and technology for the 16 parts of the house ready by then, “Wilson says.” I plan to present each sketch and discuss all the elements with her while we are on the plane.

“We really got down to business, and two weeks later – after working around the clock – everything was ready when her assistant stopped to grab all the renderings and design recommendations for the primary residence and the home. 5,400 square foot hosts.

It’s about taking the challenge and then pulling it out of the park in style.

eggersmann-mcgaha-dallas-2 (Photo by Manny Rodriguez)
eggersmann chose these eye-catching pendant lights to accentuate the kitchen bar and balance the space. (Photo by Manny Rodriguez)

In the end, the client accepted every design touch on their Fort Worth dream home with just a handful of minor changes – a testament to the eggersmann brand and the Dallas team’s exceptional attention to detail, the expertise and ability to deliver exceptional quality under tight deadlines.

“As I tell my clients,” Wilson says, “beautiful things are always possible.”

Especially with Eggersmann by your side.

To learn more about the eggersmann difference and all the possibilities it offers, check out their full website. For a closer look at the Fort Worth Dream Home, click on the photo gallery below.


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