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Moon moon bay is a delicious fish simulation that has a lot going on. The game tells the story of a town called Moonglow Bay which has gone through a difficult time. The city is fueled by fear fueled superstitions about the marine life that lurks in the waters around the city.

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Superstitions grew so much that the city’s once thriving fish industry, its main source of income, was abandoned. This has caused buildings around the city to decay, and some have even closed their doors for good, as in the case of the seafood market and the library. To help the city, you are given the task of renovating it, but the system can be quite confusing at first.

What is urban renewal?

City renovation sign and details

Once you get a little deep into the history of the game, the mayor will give you the option to invest in properties around town. For the tutorial, you’ll go through the local bar and inn combo and pay 300 seashells to restore it. Then you will be informed that you can improve other parts of the city by interacting with signs in front of buildings that need repair. Almost every building in town, except for the aquarium, Abi’s shop, and your house, is in need of updating.

Where are the renovation signs?

Revnovation screen

While the game does make it seem like you can start renovating in town as soon as you complete the Cozy Cavern, no signs will appear again until you complete Chapter Three. In this chapter, you will be responsible for renovating the pier near the aquarium, the clock tower and the library. Once you are done with the library, signs will appear all over the city, finally allowing you to start repairing the city.

The upgrade prices for each zone are all over the place, but they all jump in the price, some costing as little as 150 rounds and others like the Bulletin Board requiring you to pay 5,000 rounds. Some places like the Surf Shack and Train Station are locked behind story quests, meaning you won’t be able to repair them until Chapters Four and Five. You’ll also find that the Doctor’s Office is locked behind a side quest which, while simple to do, can easily be overlooked if you’re busy with other parts of the game.

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What is the use of restoring the city?


Restoring the city allows you to earn rewards. Once you’ve completed an objective, you can go to the library to collect your reward from the goal stand nearby. The rewards for restoring the city are extremely generous and can make your fish collecting time much easier from the following rewards:

  • A lure that gives you the opportunity to catch two fish at the same time.

  • Unlock angling.

  • A scooter to get around town.

  • New flags to decorate your boat.

If nothing else, make sure you invest enough in the city that you can unlock the multi-lure as it saves you time when trying to earn money and find all the fish in the game.

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