Dynasty Roster Renovation: Don’t Fall Asleep (Fantasy Football 2022)


As the NFL season is about to end, the Dynasty non-point season is already in full swing. Many managers have decided to leave the leagues and some have already joined new ones. This change can bring new opportunities, so don’t let your teammates win the battles you should be winning.

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Add value wherever you can and however you can

Whenever a new manager joins one of my leagues, I try to be the first to send an offer to anyone from that team that interests me. Whether it’s a big or a small trade, I want them to know that I’m open to talking about trading ASAP. They inherited an orphan who probably has a lot of players they don’t want, so if you can be the first in, you might be able to step in with a discount.

Not only that, but in leagues where I support orphans, I like to get an offer in my inbox right away. It tells me who is paying attention and is someone who might be just as keen on making a few moves as I am. Even if the deal isn’t what I want, it can often be a starting point to a better deal down the road. It also shows me who is trying to take advantage of me, but in a good way. This is all essential information.

In short, these new faces can be great ways to increase the value of your own team. Send smaller offers or send them a note to get the ball rolling. You never know what will happen to it, but if you do nothing, you stay where you are. This is the time to grow as much as you can.

Value above all

I mention it often, but January and February are the worst times to worry about your starting XI. There are so many months between now and when it counts that focusing on that could be your downfall.

What I mean is that you should only care about player value and picks in the trade right now, not positions. Adding a player just because you need a running back can put you in a world of pain at this time of year. Just do your best to assess the upcoming changes and make trades that you believe will benefit you in the long run.

With that in mind, I almost always send running backs in January if I can. There are so many ways an average running back can lose their upcoming job, either through free agency, the NFL Draft, or simply by being injured in practice. Running backs are so fragile that they are the riskiest asset you can have on your team. I like to add risk, but not like this. Right now you want to do everything you can to add value and retain it for as long as you can.

Pay attention to the news cycle

Last but not least, don’t forget to stay connected. It can be nice to take a break and relax a bit, but remember that your team is your team 24/7/365. He doesn’t take a break. You need to keep this momentum going all year if you want to build a real dynasty.

This means that while the other members of your league are sleeping and relaxing, you should be the one moving and sending the offers. Focus on coaching shifts and take advantage of them when you can. Sean Payton has just resigned from the Saints, now might be a good time to check Alvin Kamara (RB – NO) and Michael Thomas (WR – NO) awards. The Giants also appear to be in the midst of an overhaul, perhaps manager Saquon Barkley (RB – NYG) missed the latest and wants out.

Now is the time to add calculated risks to your list. Take risks where you can, but don’t be crazy. Don’t fire someone just to fire someone either. Be sure to use the news to your advantage or at least spread the news to help close a deal now rather than later. Timing is everything, and if you keep paying attention, you should be able to leverage your league in small ways to help your team grow.
Stay tuned, stay connected and your team will thank you.

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