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Your kitchen is more than just a room in your home. It’s where you nurture yourself, hone your creativity and nurture your loved ones – but what if it was also a place where you could cultivate sustainability without compromise? Electrolux has just launched a new range of kitchen appliances designed to inspire culinary creativity, available now from AJ Madison, and even novice home chefs are impressed with their innovative features.

In fact, there’s little this brand hasn’t thought of, and that’s because real consumer insights have informed these designs. Its fridge uses smart crisper technology to keep your produce fresh longer. Its oven allows you to air fry and even vacuum fry without the need for small secondary appliances. Its induction cooktop offers ultimate flexibility with self-adjusting temperatures and lets you combine heating elements for a larger cooking surface.

These are obviously not your standard devices due to their innovative features and sleek Scandinavian design, but they are even more than that: they are also a step towards a more sustainable future. Although Electrolux is already a leader in sustainability, it aims to become circular and climate neutral by 2030, both in consumers’ homes and in its own manufacturing processes. If this company achieves its goals, sustainable food will be the preferred choice and the clothes will last twice as long with half the environmental impact. (Electrolux also offers durable laundry appliances.)

AJ Madison is committed to using its industry expertise to provide customers with access to the best appliances, which means the company is confident that Electrolux’s kitchen appliance offering is a great option. Plus, AJ Madison offers competitive pricing, an easy online shopping experience, and top-notch customer service.

Take a look below at some of AJ Madison’s favorites from Electrolux’s brilliant collection of kitchen appliances. (Qualifying appliances are eligible for a rebate of up to $1,700, submitted online or by mail, and you can receive an additional $200 bonus when you purchase three or more qualifying appliances.)

Electrolux 30-inch single and double wall ovens with vacuum air ($4,699; ajmadison.com)

Yes, it can bake and roast, but this double wall oven is packed with extra features that will seriously inspire culinary creativity. Its advanced convection technology allows you to sous vide without water and air fry without excess oil, which locks in natural flavors and creates delicious texture when cooking meats, vegetables, snacks, desserts and more. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and has a delayed start as well as self-cleaning settings. No wonder reviewers wrote things like “I’m amazed” and “How did I live without this oven?”

Electrolux single-door refrigerator and freezer ($3,499; ajmadison.com)

Electrolux’s new crisper technology removes excess moisture and absorbs ethylene gas to keep your produce crisp, juicy and fresh for much longer than the average refrigerator. Fully adjustable shelves help you accommodate any size container and designate a spot for everything from wine bottles to cakes. An advanced cooling and filtration system creates an even, consistent, and clean temperature across all shelves, while automatic alarms alert you when the door is accidentally left open. Finally, the Electrolux fridge and freezer has a design that is both spacious and surprisingly beautiful.

Electrolux 36-inch induction cooktop ($2,299; ajmadison.com)

As well as saving energy while you cook, the Electrolux induction cooktop has some brilliant features that make your life infinitely easier: it has precise temperature control and automatic settings so you can create the perfect berry reduction or slow simmer marinara sauce without burning it. The Power Slide keeps your food warm when you push it back, and the Bridge feature lets you connect two cooking elements for larger pans and griddles. Choose between two sizes – 30″ and 36″.


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