Do you want 100% off-grid capabilities? The E-Volt travel trailer is what you need


The trailer you see is simply known as E-Volt and is the work of Roulettes Prolite, a Canadian team of engineers, technicians, developers and so many other people, all with a only goal in mind; to create the best and most innovative travel trailers.

Since the E-Volt falls into the innovation category, to say the least, it’s time to find out why. The E-Volt is part of the 3rd generation of Roulettes travel trailers and, with it, features the high standard design and build that this team is capable of.

The main selling point of this gem is that it is considered “fully self-sufficient” and only uses “renewable energy”. This all comes from the fact that this trailer is packed with goodies and features aimed at living a completely off-grid life.

How is all this possible? Well, what is the only source of energy that exists in abundance? Solar. The main benefit you’ll receive when you spend C $ 37,750 ($ 30,040 at current exchange rates) on the E-Volt is finding countless solar panels and rugged electronics to handle all that energy. How much energy? Well, the manufacturer’s website says four 100-watt solar panels are standard on the trailer.

To handle the 400 watts, Casters also includes a 3000 watt inverter and a 250 amp lithium battery, just to make sure the systems on board have all the juice needed to run the devices, run the pumps, make operate the sockets and even have a little. for something like a video projector.

Since I mentioned household appliances, let me highlight them. First of all, you will find a full kitchen equipped with a sink and faucet, a refrigerator, a stove and even a microwave. The best part about it all is that everything except the sink and faucet is electric. No propane tanks here guys.

Comfort functions such as heating, water heater, fans, optional AC unit and optional radio with Bluetooth connectivity are all, once again, electric. It really seems like the best way to live an entirely off-grid life. The fresh, gray and black water tanks all have a capacity of 57 liters (15 gallons).

Speaking of off-grid living, it should help put a smile on your face knowing that the E-volt actually includes a bathroom. On entering the trailer, in front and slightly to the left, a bathroom with WC and even a shower is in place. If you think you need another wash station, just go for the outdoor shower.

When it comes to sleeping and occupying guests, the E-Volt is suitable for three guests, but at a social gathering, four to five people could fit inside the trailer, maybe even more. . Up front, a modular dining area allows for another sleeping area and can accommodate one, perhaps two smaller guests, while the rear has a sofa bed which provides more space to the guest. inside the cabin when in the sofa position.

As feature-rich as the E-Volt may seem, it only has a dry weight of 1,990 lbs (902 kg), light enough for a small SUV. With a length of 16.75ft (5.1m), a width of 6.5ft (1.98m) and a height of 6.16ft (1.88m), it will not protrude like an inch sore behind your vehicle.

Finally, electric brakes, 14-inch alloy rims and four stabilizer jacks will ensure your trailer and cargo stay in top condition. My bet is that if you leave the E-Volt alone in the desert for a week, you might find it in the same shape it was when you left, with a few animal tracks roaming around it. Hey, you wanted the great outdoors, and yes, it’s wild.

Now, this isn’t the first trailer to boast about this whole “fully self-contained” idea. This means that the future will certainly bring more autonomous and environmentally friendly trailers like the E-Volt. Until more options exist, this bad boy seems to have it all.

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