Discover the world’s first smart bath mat that can scan your weight, BMI, posture and even recognize your fingerprint


Combining the bathroom mat and the scale in one product, the BBalance mat will tell you your weight while keeping your bathroom floor dry… but it does more than that. Equipped with a body composition scale, posture analyzer and even a sensor to recognize your fingerprint (so it works for everyone in your house), the BBalance mat gives you an in-depth analysis of your health at the as you walk out of the bath. The mat recognizes you immediately when you step on it, calculates your weight, body composition, BMI, posture and balance, giving you a complete overview of your body statistics on a day-to-day basis. Oh, and since it detects your feet, it will also tell you what shoe size you are, as well as a little added bonus!

Designer: BBalance

Click here to buy now: $ 229 $ 399 (42% reduction). Hurry, there are only 13/50 left!

Winner of last year’s CES Innovation Award, the BBalance Mat is pretty impressive to begin with. It’s definitely more advanced than your bathroom rug, and probably more absorbent too… and provides all the stats a fancy body composition scale would have. It’s also the very first scale / mat capable of recognizing people via their fingerprint, making it easy to record your stats without needing to select a profile on your smartphone or tell the mat who you are. The sensors built into BBalance can detect you by your foot shape and design, posture, and a few other key aspects of your own (how advanced algorithms can identify people just by the way they walk).

The BBalance mat comes with a two part design, with a soft and absorbent cotton top layer (which is removable and machine washable) and a water resistant IP54 digital board underneath, which has over 4000 sensors of built-in pressure to help the BBalance collect data. As soon as you put your feet on the mat, the sensors create a “pressure map” that helps the mat analyze your weight as well as your balance and posture. The electrodes on the digital board (and even the electrodes woven into the cotton top layer) help the mat capture an imprint of your body composition using bio-impedance, evaluating a variety of parameters such as BMI, muscle mass, fat percentage, etc. complete analysis of your state of health.

Perfect to use while brushing your teeth or while shaving, the mat is designed to fit easily into your daily routine. The data is sent to BBalance’s companion app, which allows you to track your day-to-day stats and get actionable AI-powered advice on your health to help you improve your diet, balance, and health. posture, as well as personalized exercises specially designed to help you achieve your body goals. As you improve your diet, body flexibility, posture and fitness, the mat acts as a report, showing you your progress in real time, allowing you to follow your path towards a lifestyle. healthier.

The digital card of the mat works in WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy, interfacing with your smartphone, smartwatch or any device running the BBalance application. It has roughly the same level of power consumption as your average bathroom scale (since most of the AI-based data collection, analysis and coaching takes place on the app) and works on a 5000mAh rechargeable battery that needs to be recharged once every 12 months, even with daily use. Speaking of which, the BBalance works best when it collects data on a daily basis, or even at different times of the day (as your body undergoes changes over the course of 24 hours), and the smart mat can support up to 200 kilograms. . (over 440 lbs) and even up to 10 kilograms, working even for children as small as 3 years old – although for children, the BBalance tracks their growth over time and keeps you updated on their sizes. constantly changing shoes! You would be right to have doubts about all of this generated data in the first place, although the makers of CES Innovation Award winner BBalance Mat ensure that their mat and application encrypts and protects all user data as per requirements. strict GDPR. in the EU.

All in all, the BBalance does a lot of things, from soaking the water in your feet when you exit the tub, to analyzing your body metrics for you … without basically requiring any curve in. learning. All you do is stand on the BBalance mat and it automatically goes to work, first recognizing you based on your unique footprint, then performing a full scan of your health, balance, and posture. The BBalance rug is available in 2 colors: a classic black and white, and a pink and blue if you want to add a touch of color to your bathroom. The rug retails for $ 399, but you can grab it for $ 149 at a discount on Indiegogo using the link below. Each mat comes with the free app to install and use, and a 12-month free trial of the special AI coaching feature (after 12 months, the AI ​​coaching feature is billed at $ 4.99 per month). The mats start shipping next year and are backed by a 12 month warranty including defect coverage and software support.

Click here to buy now: $ 229 $ 399 (42% reduction). Hurry, there are only 13/50 left!

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