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A range hood can be the focal point of your kitchen if you think carefully about your selection. By ditching stainless steel hoods and selecting a custom option that blends in with your cabinetry or makes a statement in its own right, your hood will move from a feature that focuses only on function to a design element that combines form and function. Read on for inspiration on decorative hood ideas that will stand out in your own kitchen.

A uniform look
A range hood in the same marble, granite or quartzite as your countertops or backsplash creates a sleek, streamlined and dramatic look. Likewise, wearing the same subway tile on your walls or your backsplash on the range hood creates a similar uniform effect.

Metallic mixed range hood
The mix of metals on your range hood creates an elegant, traditional and even glamorous look. The combination of metals, such as a polished nickel range hood with an aged brass accent metal or a stainless steel range hood with a copper accent metal, is a timeless look and can serve as jewelry for your kitchen.

Unique rustic beams
The integration of rustic beams on the range hood creates a casual, but one-of-a-kind look. Plus, this range hood design can help keep a white kitchen from looking too sterile.

Range hood in wood and stone
The mix of wood and stone elements creates a rustic and one-of-a-kind range hood that creates an ambience that is both comfortable and regal. Sourcing materials from a local source will make the hood even more unique.

Limestone appearance
A limestone range hood is the epitome of old-world elegance, combined with a contemporary silhouette. Limestone can be dramatic, while the light neutral color keeps it from feeling too heavy.

Chimney style hood
A hood that resembles a fireplace mantle is majestic and timeless. Whether the hood is alone or integrated into the cabinets, it has a classic look. The crown molding on the range hood creates a more traditional look while the skipping of the crown molding gives a more elegant and contemporary feel.

Plaster Perfection
A breathtaking plaster hood makes a statement as a stand-alone decorative hood. Whether you pair it with white walls for a uniform look or with darker walls, to make it stand out, it will always make a statement.

Bronze Beauty
A curved bronze hood is both stylish and rustic. As a metallic tone, it pairs well with other metals in your kitchen, such as antique brass or polished nickel.

A decorative range hood is one of the best ways to make an eye-catching statement in your kitchen and to add warmth, luxury, charm or elegance.


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