Decorated athlete Madison Horin emerges as mental health advocate after self-harm and suicide attempts | University sport


Fast forward to summer 2018 and Horin won gold with the United States Junior Women’s National Team in Mexico. She was captain again in the victory of the NORCECA Women’s Continental Under-20 Championship.

Horin’s family moved to Seattle, giving him a pre-college semester living with his friend, Lilly Lemke, to end his high school career in Munster. It ended with the 2018 Times Volleyball Player of the Year award.

“I have struggled a lot with impostor syndrome,” she said of her accomplishments. “I never said, ‘Yeah, that’s because I’m good.’ It was never a thought I had It was like a surprise many times … I never thought that everything I worked for was won through my own hard work.

“I worked my ass and got a lot of stuff because I worked my butt. I’ve had a few people in my life who attributed it to, ‘Oh, you’re tall so you are. have had surrendered to you. ‘ I say to myself, “This is just plain wrong. It is absolute blasphemy. “

She signed up early with USC and played all but 12 sets as a true rookie for the Women of Troy in 2019. A few months later it was another breaking point.

His first suicide attempt.

“You’re like, ‘Oh, you’re here playing, doing moves, you’re a freshman playing, getting stats on the board and all that stuff,’ and I come back. winter break and just hit a wall mentally, “said Horin.” I think it was a peak to be in the senior semester in Munster and then (register) early and have all these new friends, starting out. One thing after another was really excited, but then it was like, ‘What’s next?’ “


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