Day gardeners renovate the garden at the intersection of Routes 22 and 5


By Daytime Gardeners of North Haven Press Release • 06/16/2022 04:00 AM EST

For the past two years, the garden at the intersection of Route 22 and Washington Avenue has been a mess due to public works in that area. The construction work is finally finished so that the day gardeners can repair and renovate the garden. Due to the construction, the size of the space has been reduced and new poles, traffic control box and sidewalks etc. have been installed.

Daytime gardeners redesigned the space to create a new look. The following work has been completed: Excessive sand volumes have been removed and replaced with topsoil, a new plan for annuals and perennials has been developed, some annuals have been started from seed and planted this spring, perennials were purchased and planted, an obelisk was installed to help reduce the view of the traffic control box. Annuals and perennials that are more drought tolerant were chosen to reduce maintenance, save water and watering time/energy.

One of the goals is to have an area for annuals that can be changed from year to year, and an area for perennials that won’t require a lot of changes. Particular attention was paid to drought tolerance, sun exposure, plant height, color and flowering time.

The Rotary Club of North Haven provided a grant to help support the renovation of this area. It sits at the main downtown intersection and is highly visible to hundreds of cars and pedestrians.

The Day Gardeners welcome new members at any time. For more information, contact [email protected]


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