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The Prince Edward County School Board voted to send a recommendation to the Supervisory Board to give the elementary school a complete makeover.

The decision was made at the October 6 school board meeting after a joint meeting the previous week with the supervisory board.

Teachers, parents and administration complained that the school building had leaks on the roof which resulted in mold and other related problems. Mold-covered classrooms are not being used this year, Superintendent Barbara Johnson said.

At the joint meeting, Stephen Halsey of Moseley Architects presented these and several other issues, including obsolete infrastructure, electrical and HVAC elements.

Halsey noted in particular that the roof seams are patched and overlapped compared to previous repair attempts, and that there are places where an entire human hand can be inserted into the gaps in the roof.

He came up with four different options to deal with these issues, which included simply replacing the roof, doing limited renovations, doing major renovations, or completely replacing.

Board chair Lucy Carson said, “Even if we don’t pick one, we’ll have to do something about the roof now, if I understand correctly. “

“Yes, but that’s other than that,” Johnson noted, referring to Halsey’s recommendation outside of the four options, which was to spend around $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 to fix the existing roof to prevent leaks. current and mold problems get worse.

“I like option three,” said Elzora Stiff, board member. “We talked about the lead time, and it looks like if we did option three, we could have a sustainable structure sooner, so I like option three.”

She further noted that Halsey also mentioned that the complete replacement of the existing structure would cost more money, “and if we think in terms of high school renovations, we could probably have some money or save money. money with option three or option two.

The complete renovation, which in Halsey’s plans would be 40% light renovation, 30% medium renovation and 30% heavy renovation, covers 120,000 square feet and is expected to cost $ 28,375,000. As Halsey’s presentation noted, no offsite or road costs are included in this figure.

This would include better security, accessibility improvements and flexible spaces. In addition, spaces could be better built taking into account instructions, lighting improvements could be made, and existing issues such as outdated systems corrected and upgraded.

“I think option three is good, if we can get it approved,” said Board member Dr Peter Gur. “Option two is not enough.”

Board member Doug Farley said he thinks option three is also best. “I think this is the one that will meet our needs the most,” he said.

The recommendation will be presented to the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors.


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