Community plaza working group reviews initial development plan


An initial development plan for the Community Square was reviewed by the Community Square Task Force with feedback ranging from the proposed cost of $600,000 to consideration of development flexibility.

The plan Deleers submitted in a 14-page report describes a building with bathrooms and a kitchen, picnic tables with sunscreens, open grass areas and a paved driveway. The task force has already raised $225,000, but expressions of the need for flexibility, incremental development, and getting proposals from other companies have been discussed.

Member Jim Holperin said: “Now that we have a concept, we may be waiting for the construction costs to come down, maybe just the building envelope, but include the working bathrooms, or just the landscaping.”

Community Development Manager Karen Margelofsky preferred to get other quotes before making decisions, and Carol Hendricks felt there were other needs that weren’t being fully explored.

“It’s a great gift to the community, but we never decided who we want to serve in this place,” Hendricks said. “We never sat and watched the people who will use it.”

Holperin felt that most people “would use the space in the same way and events could be developed”,

while Margelofsky estimated that about “25% of events would be community oriented”.

Most felt that a partial development should be done this year and they didn’t want to wait and see it empty for the next two years. Bathrooms are a high priority and maybe the building can go up but only has working bathrooms. Portable bathrooms may be possible seasonally.

It was agreed that a few picnic tables with sunscreens could be installed this summer on at least part of the land, possibly a family bathroom, a food truck and getting a landscape consultant for the grass mats on a partial area.

The next meeting of the working group will take place on Thursday March 10 at 12 noon at the town hall.


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