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As the focal point of any room, the fireplace mantel is a great place to showcase your favorite decor and bring personality to your home. Whitney Eslickerowner of Adorn Designs, has plenty of tips and tricks for decorating the holiday – and everyday – fireplace.

It’s all about layering.

Start with the larger pieces and progress to smaller items by layering them with different sizes and heights. “To break up the monotony of the eye, you want a variety of heights and widths,” says Eslicker. “You don’t want to look up there to see three 4-by-6s (picture frames) with the exact same frame. I like having maybe a 4-by-6 or a 3-by-5 ​​or an 8-by-10, all what you can fit in it, but definitely mixing sizes and heights.

Stick to odd numbers.

“I always work in odds,” says Eslicker. “I think the rating is the way to do it because it’s not that perfect. You don’t just see a mirror image of each other, there’s a certain depth to it.

If you plan to use multiple pieces of the same type of item, such as candlesticks or picture frames, Eslicker recommends using three or five of these items.

Save money by reusing the same items.

The basic holiday fireplace garland is something that can be repurposed each season with different pieces.

“My trick of the trade is to use zip ties,” says Eslicker. “They’re easy to use and you just cut them off when you’re done. Everything is temporary, so there is never one that looks exactly the same from year to year. Also, don’t be afraid to reuse items from different seasons. For example, orange, purple, red and yellow Christmas decorations could be a great addition to a fall fireplace.

Color and texture are your best assets.

Color and texture are two things that will really help make your fireplace stand out. Use as much or as little color as you want, but don’t be afraid to use colors you’ve never used before. Metals, flowers, feathers and greenery are great ways to add texture and dimension. You can opt for a more neutral look or try something bright and eye-catching. Eslicker recommends choosing a color palette that won’t strain your eyes if you want something to follow all year round.

Infuse it with personality.

“I think most importantly, don’t try to do something that isn’t you,” Eslicker says. “Just because my style is over the top doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a minimalist look, but I’m not going to try to incorporate that into my home because it just doesn’t suit me.” A fireplace can be the centerpiece of a room, so be sure to fill it with things you love and that make you smile.


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