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TR FILE PHOTO An FEH Design rendering of the renovated main lobby of the Marshalltown Arts and Civic Center (MACC). The city recently received a $ 350,000 Iowa Great Place grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs.

Marshalltown’s great luck with the grants continues as the city will receive $ 350,000 from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs for the renovation of the Marshalltown Arts and Civic Center (MACC), the building formerly known as the Fisher Community Center. .

David Schmitz, the administrator of the Iowa Arts Council, said Marshalltown received a larger grant than most this year because the council viewed the project as “transformer” for the community.

“We’re so excited for Marshalltown. We were so impressed to see this community and its leaders recovering from not one, but two natural disasters over the past few years and to continue to stay true to the visionary plans and stay truly committed to this project ”, Schmitz said.

The total cost of the renovation, some of which had already been planned before the derecho coup in 2020, is around $ 6 million, and the town of Marshalltown and the Martha Ellen Tye Foundation are also making substantial contributions – the foundation has awarded a rare $ 1 million. grant to MACC. Construction began earlier this fall, and some of the project’s biggest supporters are optimistic it will breathe new life into a beloved local monument.

“They have a very large scope of work, and we thought he was a perfect candidate for this type of funding. And we are very grateful that they chose to reward us ”, Marshalltown Housing and Community Development Director Michelle Sponheimer said. “We are really excited and grateful to the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. It really shows a lot of great things that are happening in the community from an arts and culture perspective, and it will be a great project when completed.

As Schmitz noted, the famous Fisher art collection is something any town in the country would be lucky enough to call its own, and he hopes the renovations will spur a greater trend of housing development and businesses in the immediate vicinity of the MACC. .

“What he will do is help make this establishment a facility that the whole community is really proud of” he said.

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