Cat gets stuck in wall after renovation mistake


Cat trapped in the wall


  • Pet owner shocked when she discovered her cat was stuck in a wall
  • The cat had found a hiding place in a hole that had recently been tiled
  • Even after cutting a small square hole, the feline took an hour to come out

Pet owners are sure to panic when they find out that their furry friends are missing. But a woman got the shock of her life when she heard her cat meow but couldn’t see it.

Pet owner Giavanna recently redecorated her home and said she heard her cat meow behind the newly installed tiles on the wall.

She realized that her cat was hiding behind the wall while laying the tiles.

“So our tile went up today and I heard a meow… my cat got stuck in the wall,” Giavanna said.

The post that went viral has been viewed more than 8 million times. A curious user asked, “How? Did he get in there?”

To this Giavanna replied, “Our house has been undergoing renovations since July. There was nothing closing the wall, so he made a hiding place of it. the cat was in there. I walked in later that night and heard it and that’s where it happened. “

She added that it took the cat over an hour to exit the wall after a small square of tile was cut to let it out.

When someone asked, “Have you thought about not covering that hole and adding a kitten door?” Giavanna replied, “I’m honestly thinking about it since he doesn’t want to leave him alone. “

Another user shared a similar experience saying, “My dog ​​went missing once for two days … not found, called all shelters etc. He went up the stairs to the garage and was afraid to come down.”

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