BRT buses decorated with national flags


The rapid transit buses (BRT) were artistically decorated with national flags on the occasion of Jashin-e-Azadi

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – Aug 13, 2021): Rapid Transit (BRT) buses were artistically decorated with national flags on the occasion of Jashin-e-Azadi.

The green-white colors of the BRT are very attractive in Peshawar, where national flags are hoisted on all major government and private buildings, houses, markets, offices and vehicles, giving a festive look, especially at night .

The flagship BRT of the PTI government has started to attract a record number of passengers these days due to its quality signalless service and air-conditioned facility.

Great enthusiasm is observed among young people preferring the BRT to travel on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations.

“I arrived from Pabbi Nowshera to buy colorful banners, green badges and stickers in addition to the models of historical buildings of the Pakistani Movement.

My joy was doubled after traveling by BRT on Friday, “said Anaya Khan (7), a student at a private school while attending APP.

Holding her father’s hand, she said that she bought 200 national flags, stickers and badges in addition to the models from Minar e Pakistan and Islamia College Peshawar and they would be shared with relatives and friends for collectively celebrate Pakistan’s 74th Independence Day in the most appropriate way.

Like Anaya Khan, people from all walks of life, especially young people, have been seen in large numbers on the flag and badge stalls of all major markets and bazaars in Peshawar. Motorcyclists, rickshaws, Mazdas, railcar drivers and motorists hoist national flags on vehicles across the KP, including the amalgamated areas, to express their love for Pakistan.


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