Boo! 7 fantastic addresses for decorated sites that will scare us


Earlier this week, I asked for addresses for these awesome, decorated and spooky front yards in Ocean County.

Thanks for sending me the addresses. If you see any phenomenal sites that you think are going to scare us, email me, I can always add them to the list – [email protected].

I love driving around the neighborhood, like at Christmas, and seeing the decorations. Halloween has become so popular and some of you are going crazy for Halloween and your decorations on your lawn are just awesome. Here are the addresses you sent me to check out some “spooky” houses:

326 Evergreen Drive, brick

843 Downey Avenue, Brick – “A nightmare before Christmas”

633 Vaugn Avenue, Toms River

825 Ross Street, Toms River

1809 4th Avenue, Manchester

1560 Dee Road, Forked River – Dee Road Cemetery

Avenue Korman, Bayville – Haunted Bayville Cemetery

These addresses were emailed to me and posted on our Facebook page. I have been to most, not all. I hope this weekend I can find most of them. We can still add to our list of “haunted” front yards in Ocean County. If you have a spectacular front yard, where you think people will stop and check it out, I’d like to add it to the list.

Our neighbors spend hours putting these displays together for our viewing pleasure, please be respectful when checking out their front yard. For some of them, you can get out of your car and go for a walk.

Most of these homes are ready for visitors and start tonight (October 1, 2021). “Dee Road Cemetary” collects food for a pantry and donates whatever they receive. Stop by and help the community while taking advantage of the “fear”.

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