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Black Friday started early this year, with deals available at Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Amazon. Naturally, one of the smaller items available at any retailer: TVs like Hisense, Sony, and Samsung.

Instead of clicking through multiple websites looking for the best deals from the top brands, we’ve carefully put together a list of the best deals we could find.

Insignia Smart Fire TV 24-inch ($ 99, originally $ 169;

Best buy

Insignia 24 ” Smart Fire TV

Best Buy’s electronics brand Insignia is slashing a 24-inch HDTV to just $ 99, down from $ 169.99. For under $ 100, you get a 720p HDTV with popular streaming apps and services built right into its Fire OS operating system. It’s a solid choice for a secondary TV in the kitchen, your kids’ playroom, or maybe even your back patio. It even works with Amazon’s Alexa.

Amazon 55-inch Fire TV Omni Series ($ 409.99, originally $ 559.99;


Amazon now has its own brand of TVs under the Fire TV Omni name, and they look great. Every Omni TV runs the Fire TV operating system, the same operating system as Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices, ensuring you’ll have the same experience with the addition of management – or purchase – a streaming stick or a decoder. Each model has 4K resolution with support for HDR10, Dolby Digital Plus, and hands-free Alexa interactions.

Hisense 55-inch U7G QLED TV ($ 649.99, originally $ 849.99;


At the high end of the Hisense TV lineup is the U7G, which currently costs $ 649 – down from $ 849 – on Amazon. The U7G features a Quantum Dot QLED display, powered by Google’s Android TV platform, and it even works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It has a 120Hz screen, which is sure to delight any gamer in your home.

Hisense 70-inch A6G 4K TV ($ 549.99, originally $ 849.99;


The Hisense A6G has almost everything you might expect from a smart TV. It runs Google’s Android TV platform, allowing you to install apps like Netflix or Discovery + from the Play Store or stream music and videos directly from your phone to the TV. This is a 4K TV with Dolby Vision HDR for a bright, crisp and clear picture. At 70 inches, you get a lot of TVs for not a lot of money. What’s not to like?

Samsung 43-inch The Frame ($ 797.99, originally $ 999.99; and

Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung’s The Frame is one of the most unique TVs on the market. Instead of just turning off and showing a black screen, it will display artwork and with the matching frame borders (sold separately), The Frame looks like a piece of art on your wall. It’s reduced by over $ 200 for the 43-inch size, and it still acts like a Samsung QLED TV.

Samsung 75-inch 4K Crystal UHD TV ($ 849, originally $ 1,000;

70-inch Samsung UHD 4K Crystal TV
Best buy

70-inch Samsung UHD 4K Crystal TV

Samsung’s 70-inch Crystal UHD is big and loaded. OK, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit. But seriously, at $ 849 you’re getting a lot of screen for not a lot of money. You will get 4K HDR experience with 60Hz refresh rate. It runs Samsung’s Tizen Smart TV platform, to stream your favorite shows without the need of a set-top box, and if you want, you can even use Alexa or Google Assistant directly through the TV itself.

Samsung 43-inch The Sero ($ 997.99, originally $ 1,499.99; and


Whether you’re obsessed with TikTok or want a truly unique TV, The Sero is worth a look. What makes this 43 inch television unique? Its screen can rotate – by default, its orientation is vertical, but thanks to the motor, it can rotate horizontally. It’s pretty neat, but you’re definitely paying for the functionality. Fortunately, it’s over $ 500 off if you desire that unique TV.

Sony 50-inch X80J ($ 598, originally $ 699.99;


If you are looking for a crisp, rich, and clear picture, Sony TVs are known to deliver just that. The X80J offers excellent picture quality and a convenient Google TV interface, and it will convert the content to 4K. 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models are all on sale.

Sony 75-inch X90J ($ 1,598, originally $ 2,099.99;


Here’s the main thing to know about the X90J: It has the same processor as the Sony A90J, our pick for the best luxury TV. And while the X90J doesn’t have such a striking design, it does offer thinner bezels so you can focus on picture quality. It supports HDR and Dolby Vision for rich picture; What’s more, it runs a smart Google TV interface.

65-inch Sony A80J ($ 1,798, originally $ 2,198;


Sony’s entry-level OLED delivers exceptional image quality that lets you see the ink in darker colors and vivid color vividness. It is paired with a slim and striking design that seriously slims the glasses. And like the rest of the Sony 2021 TV lineup, it comes with a Google TV smart interface.

6-Series 65-inch TCL TV ($ 898, originally $ 1,499;


As the first choice for a TV, the 6 Series offers exceptional picture quality, thanks to a QLED and Mini LED panel. Best of all, it runs a Roku smart interface, which is intuitive and features a number of platforms like Disney +, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, and Netflix. You can also save on the 75-inch or 55-inch models.

55-inch TCL Series 5 TV ($ 469, originally $ 649.99;


TCL Series 5 Smart TV

TCL’s 5 Series lineup looks almost as good as the 6 Series and costs less. With a 4K QLED display and support for Dolby Vision and three different HDR specifications, you’ll see every detail in crisp color. It runs Google TV OS, giving you streaming options from all major platforms including Netflix and HBO Max. Games on the Series 5 will look smooth, thanks to support for a variable refresh rate that works with TCL’s automatic play mode that activates once you start playing your favorite titles. .

Vizio 55-inch V-Series ($ 428, originally $ 499.99;


As the newest model in our pick of budget TVs, the Vizio V-Series speeds things up with improved picture quality, a more advanced processor, and access to major streaming platforms. It’s not the fastest TV out there, but the content looks solid and it supports standards like Dolby Vision.

Vizio 75-inch M7 series ($ 999, originally $ 1,299;


Vizio’s M7 TV series has almost every technical term you want to see on a TV spec sheet. For example, this 75-inch model includes Quantum Color, a ProGaming engine, Dolby Vision HDR, and a bunch of other marketing names. Here’s what you really need to know: With the M7 series, you’ll get a bright picture full of saturated colors, and if you’re a gamer (or live with one), the M7 is compatible with the varying refresh rates of generation consoles. current, to keep the games amazing all the time. The M7 also works with all smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.



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