Beyond the Garter: Other Decorations That Show Queen Elizabeth’s Confidence in Camilla Parker Bowles


For a few years, Camilla Parker Bowles managed to stabilize its position as part of ‘The Firm’. The Duchess of Cornwall has not had an easy road, with the shadow of Dame Diane always on top and the constant accusations of having been the cause of the breakdown of the marriage between the Princes of Wales. However, the reality is that the love – a fleeting time – between the Heir to the Crown and Camilla turned out to be something that was impossible to fight against.

Despite a difficult start marked by controversy, to this day, Camilla Parker is a great asset for the institution. Discreet and always in her place, the Duchess of Cornwall knows how to behave perfectly at all times and has earned the respect and affection not only of the family, but also of the British. Regardless of the doubts that arise on the title that will be adopted when Charles of England being crowned King, the truth is his performance couldn’t be more impeccable. So much so that he also won the love of the queen, who at first did not look favorably on her eldest son’s relationship with Camilla.

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The proof is the recent distinction which the monarch granted to him. Just days ago, shortly before the end of the year, Buckingham Palace announced that Her Majesty had decided to name her daughter-in-law Lady of the Order of the Garter. This order, founded by Edward III in 1348, is the highest and most prestigious order in the British honor system – on par with the Golden Fleece– and the monarch does not need the Prime Minister’s suggestion to grant it. It is a recognition that other members of the House of Windsor have, such as Prince Charles, the Earl of Wessex, the princess ana and the Duke of Cambridge -not Prince Harry-, in addition to other international figures such as the King William of Holland by Felipe VI.

Felipe VI, invested Knight of the Garter / Gtres

This recognition is irrefutable proof of Queen Elizabeth’s confidence in Camilla Parker, in a critical moment for the Crown. After one of the most difficult years for Queen Elizabeth due to the death of the Duke of Edinburgh and other concerns that have tarnished the institution’s image, much has been said about the possibility of the monarch relinquishing power. room for new generations. . Not likely due to his unwavering commitment to his role, although it should be remembered that he has had a few health problems, who is on the verge of reaching the age of ninety-six and will soon be celebrating his platinum jubilee. Factors, all of which suggest that the possibility of relief in his eldest son – or even in his grandson, the Prince guillermo according to some, it is presented as more than feasible.

Camille parker
Camilla Parker at an event in Windsor / Gtres

The low profile that kept Camille parker Since her marriage to the heir in 2005, she has contributed to a revaluation of her image and has won the sympathy of more than one. Gone is the role of “villain” which haunted her for so long, even if from time to time voices are raised which recall her furtive love affair with Charles of England it caused so many problems for Diana.

Camille parker
The Duchess with some of her decorations / Gtres

This is not the first time that Camilla has received recognition from the Queen. In 2007, he became a member of the Order of the Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth. Later, in 2012, the Duchess of Cornwall received dual recognition: the Commemorative Diamond Jubilee Medal – it is expected that she will be honored again in the next jubilee – and was named Grand Cross Lady of the Royal Victorian Order, a distinction which, like The Order of the Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth, she also has Kate Middleton.

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