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What’s the first thing you notice when you arrive at your hotel? Is it the extravagant chandelier that covers the reception or the parquet-style parquet in the entrance hall? Great design starts with a floor, especially in places where you want to impress your guests.

The lobby

The lobby is the first thing your guests walk through when they walk into your hotel, and often form their assumptions about what the rest looks like. Give your guests a memorable first impression with luxury vinyl tiles. LVT is available in a variety of imitation materials ranging from wood, stone and tile. With styles such as parquet, chevron and chevron, which demonstrate class and versatility.

The Londoner hotel lobby

Image caption: The lobby / lounge inside the Londoner | Image credit: Andrew Beasley

Serve your guests with luxury vinyl flooring in parquet style. The parquet floor first graced the Palace of Versailles in 1684, in France, and has become increasingly popular throughout Europe. The style of flooring was installed in the large homes of the wealthy and could only be installed by skilled craftsmen. It’s durable, water resistant, which is perfect for a lobby with an incredibly open 24/7 bust.

This floor is designed to look modern with a traditional touch, you can go in any direction with its unique pattern. Minimalist hotel? Pair light LVT parquet with light colored walls and taupe furnishings to give your lobby an airy feel. Or if your hotel is more traditional, go for a dark chocolate brown LVT with bold red and royal green interiors.

The bedroom

The bedroom is the only room where guests can relax and unwind. Ultimately, they want to come back to a cozy and comfortable room, don’t they? One of the first things they do is take off their shoes. And since the first thing they touch is the floor, it’s important to provide them with luxury and comfort.

Image credit: Plaza 18 / Philip Vile

Solid wood; prized for its elegance, beauty and individuality. The material adorns large halls, lobbies and penthouse suites, making it one of the most luxurious flooring choices out there. Solid wood floors are increasingly popular in the hospitality industry, especially when installed in more rooms. Parquet-style parquet makes a statement in Parisian hotels and slowly moves across Europe with its versatile and expensive design.

Solid wood is available in a variety of colors and patterns ranging from chevron to chevron and parquet. Pair these floors with cashmere-colored linens and soft linen curtains for a space that will teleport you to a sanctuary in the Maldives. For a city vibe, industrial-style decor and exposed brick walls will look effortlessly stylish against chocolate brown oak.

Solid oak is a tough material, so be sure to dress it up with plush rugs. Add dresses and slippers for more comfort and luxury, you want to make sure your guests feel at home!

The bathroom

The bathroom is the only room in your hotel room that needs to be stylish and practical. Sleek bathrooms have taken the interior world by storm with brass accents, limestone walls, and smart showers and toilets. But the main thing hoteliers should consider is the flooring.

A fresh, contemporary bathroom inside a Palm Springs golf resort

Image credit: PGA National Resort & Spa

The best option for bathroom flooring in hotel rooms is vinyl stone tiles. They are durable, water resistant and have good gripping properties. Stone vinyl tiles are modern and come in a wide range of colors and styles while mimicking the natural look of stone. If you want a rustic look with authentic tiles, go for colors such as ambient gray or slate blue.

Each floor is adapted to each hotel, it depends on the type of hotel you are in. If you are a chain and want a versatile floor, then LVT flooring is for you. If you own a mini hotel or boutique hotel, solid and engineered flooring are more desirable options. It all depends on how many people are staying with you.

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