Best before and after: Beautiful bungalow in Dilworth

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This bungalow has gone from old and dated to modern and airy. Here’s our pick for the best before and after.

Style in 3 words: Traditional, vibrant, luminous.

Who: Conceptual construction and restoration worked to elevate the architecture while interior designer Alexis Warren worked to liven up the spaces.


The House: This 1910 The Dilworth Bungalow is 2,000 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Design: The starting point for the renovations began with maintaining all the original charm of this bungalow. Updates to the home – including finishes, colors and millwork – have been done with the original style in mind.

  • The furniture and touches of color have been chosen to reflect the dynamic young family that lives there.

Inspiration: Extra storage and cupboard space can be scarce in historic Dilworth homes, so extra cabinets and cupboards were important to utilize every inch of space.

  • For example, they converted the existing laundry room into a walk-in closet. It flows directly from the bathroom. They also added a small laundry room.

Best rooms: The bright open concept kitchen has become the highlight of this home. The unobstructed view offers view of the entire front of the house and the games room up to the kitchen.

Take a look ahead.

Photos: Courtesy of Alexis Warren

Here is a preview of the final product.

The new laundry area features shelving and cabinetry creating designated spaces to fill the room.

A built-in bar uses the passage space between the rooms. Built-in wooden shelves add another level of texture to the white brick.

Keeping the kitchen wood flooring and adding a white finish to the cabinets to replace the original wood strikes a balance between the give and take. Golden light fixtures add a touch of shine to the space.

Removing the wall from the main kitchen design and adding an island in its place expands the walk-in space which also allows the abundance of light to dance through the windows.

The soft color tones brighten up the bathroom space while retaining the original gold fixtures to maintain the charm.

Photos by Christina Hussey and Heather Ison, courtesy of Alexis Warren

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