Arena St. Landry AG under renovation


OPELOUSAS, the. (KLFY) — In Opelousas, the St. Landry Ag Arena is currently undergoing a major renovation, helping both the community and the economy.

St. Landry Parish President Jessie Bellard told News 10, “It’s a great venue and a great place for people to want to do rodeos and rope and all that, but it lacked part, we had to add it and add space to it. to make it more accessible to people.

By adding new horse stalls and wash racks, the 60 foot addition to the arena also creates an environment for outdoor activities and entertainment such as the return of the rodeo.

“Our main focus is rodeos, we are trying to bring rodeo back to our parish. And then it’s also going to give us more of an entertainment side so we can have a rodeo going on and have a permanent bandstand on the west side. We encourage people to come and hike more, we encourage people to do more outdoor activities and we give them the place to do it,” Bellard said.

Bellard also told News 10 that the renovation is not only an investment for the community but also for the parish by inviting new events to help build the economy.

“There’s the old saying if you build it they will come and I think with this addition that we’re building on, it’s an investment in the parish and it’s an investment in the community. It is a general purpose installation that can be used for many different things. Our main focus is the rodeo scene, but of course when you have that kind of venue it attracts other events and we’re here for that too,” Bellard said.

Bellard said the renovation should be completed in February.


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