Ameren grants $ 40,000 to Dream Center to help fund kitchen renovations


PEORA (WEEK) – Dream Center Peoria gets a makeover with the help of Ameren Illinois.

The Dream Center serves more than 70,000 meals a year to those in need, but executive director Andy King says a new commercial kitchen would dramatically improve their ability to provide food to guests.

“We really wanted to raise the level of dignity of the food that is served by the Dream Center,” King said.

With the help of Ameren Illinois, the Dream Center will now be able to do just that. Ameren gives the organization a $ 40,000 grant that will help build the kitchen. District City Council’s first woman Denise Jackson said now is the perfect time to do so due to the pandemic.

“Being able to provide this type of food service to this type of establishment will meet a critical need here in our community at a critical time,” said Jackson.

Not only will the kitchen renovation help better serve the community, it will also be part of the Dream Centers trade school.

“Students, from junior high to high school, will be able to enter and learn a trade. So when they leave high school, they can enter this field, ”King said.

King hopes the skills training program can help students better transition to other programs after high school. Jackson hopes Ameren will set an example for other companies in the future.

“My hope and prayer is that Ameren is just one of many companies that will look inward and do the right thing and provide these financial resources to help the most vulnerable here in our community,” said Jackson.

In total, the kitchen will cost $ 750,000 and is expected to be finished by Christmas 2021.

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