Amazing Halloween lawn decorations for next-level neighborhood entertainment


Courtyard decorated for Halloween
This front yard is decorated with spiders and skeletons, just in time for Halloween.

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to decorate your hallways – and outdoor spaces – with ghosts and elves. The scariest night of the year is not only on candy and costumes; it’s also about turning your garden into a terrifically fun mash of monsters for the ages. So we hopped on our digital brooms, headed over to Amazon, and started shopping for the retailer’s most beloved lawn decor for All Hallow’s Eve.

Many cities and towns have yet to announce their trick or treatment protocols for 2021. Depending on where you live, tradition could be affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Delta variant. But decorating can still be a fun way to mark the seasons, with or without hordes of party-goers looking for candy.

So, whether you prefer the inflatable decorations, like this one 12 foot tall ghost, or sound activated monsters, like this one 6 foot tall witch, we have something annoying for your lawn.

Happy haunting, ghouls and boys.

Foam Cemetery Headstones (5 Pack)


Joyin via Amazon

From a distance these foam headstones look like the real thing, but up close they are super light and easy to install in your garden. Each of the five headstones is approximately 17 inches tall, and the set comes with metal stakes that keep these decorations upright.

Joyin Foam Cemetery Headstones (5-Pack), $ 26

Animated talking witch


Joyin via Amazon

Whenever a brave mortal dares to cross this witch, her eyes flash blue and she lets out an evil laugh. She is sound activated, so walking and talking near this witch will activate her sensors. To flaunt this 72 inch tall cackling witch, simply hang her on the string attached to her hat.

Sound Activated Joyin Witch, $ 38

7 color LED fog machine

fog machine.jpg

Pleasure via Amazon

Nothing improves a Halloween display like a weird layer of fog. And with this 450 watt remote control fog machine, you can add a splash of color too. The six LED lights can glow in any of seven colors, helping you match the mood of your unique spooky decor.

Theefun 7 Color LED Fog Machine, $ 44 (after coupon)

Waterproof Hanging Bats (12 Pack)

hanging bats.jpg

VictoryStore via Amazon

Pop culture has taught us that bats are a symbol of all things scary, but these waterproof bat decorations are quite a cauldron full of fun. This pack comes with 12 die-cut plastic bats in sizes ranging from 9 inches to 16 inches in diameter. String for hanging is not included.

VictoryStore Plastic Hanging Bat Decorations, $ 21

Giant spider web with matching giant spider


Ocato via Amazon

If you’ve ever wanted to hang a 16ft spider web outside your home, this year is your chance. This set comes with a 200 inch triangular spider web with a moving spider nearly 5 feet wide. You will also get five ground stakes and a hook to secure the canvas in place.

200 inch Ocato Spider Web with Movable Spider, $ 28

Fairy lights for witch hat


MZD8391 via Amazon

These festive light up hats are a great addition to your outdoor decor. Each chain comes with eight witch hats (two each purple, orange, green, and red) and 44 feet of chain, so you can display them far enough from an electrical outlet without the need for multiple extension cords. This string light has eight modes, so they can glow, fade or dance, as you like.

Witch Hat String Lights (44ft chain), $ 30

Pop-up skeleton with lawn stakes


Aiseno via Amazon

Watch below! This three-piece decoration resembles a skeleton that emerges from the basement. The skull is approximately 7 inches wide and the arms are 14.5 inches long. The skull mouth can be displayed open or closed. A creative Amazon user suggests using zip ties to hang this decoration in a bush.

Aiseno pop-up skeleton with lawn stakes, $ 28

Bloody Window Decals


Angmart via Amazon

If you’re looking for something to scare passers-by, these terrifying decals might do the trick. These menacing characters will stare at your lawn, warning all that this house’s tips are not for the faint of heart. Each of the two decals measures 30 inches by 60 inches. These stickers stick to your windows without adhesive and are easy to remove.

Angmart Bloody Window Decals (2-Pack), $ 14

Zombie flamingos (pack of 2)


Skeleton Shop via Amazon

Slightly less terrifying and endlessly more fun, these Halloween themed flamingos add a tropical touch to your October decor. Each flamingo is approximately 2 feet tall.

Skeleton zombie flamingos (pack of 2), $ 35

12ft Inflatable Phantom with LED Lights

inflatable phantom.jpg

Yihong via Amazon

Boo! This 12ft tall inflatable ghost will dominate your other decorations. It comes with everything you need to inflate, secure, and proudly display this monstrous specter.

Yihong Inflatable Ghost with LED Lights, $ 54

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