Altamont Creek Elementary School – School Facility Design (CA Dept of Education)


Altamont Creek Elementary systematically integrates sustainability into the curriculum, focusing on improving health and wellness, reducing waste, and empowering the community as problem solvers and part of the solution. In 2017, Altamont Creek created a Model Solid Waste Management Program to reduce waste and increase food salvage and donation. Students collected data on the amount of food shared during the lunch period by counting and categorizing the number of items put on and taken off the dining room sharing table. The school collected and donated unwanted food from the sharing table and surplus food from the kitchen to a local food pantry. During the 2019-2020 school year, Altamont Creek saved 2,632 pounds of surplus food. The school’s science program teaches students about agriculture through hands-on activities in the two outdoor garden instruction areas. Additionally, all Altamont Creek students in grades one through five receive instructional time in the school garden accompanied by lessons aligned with California’s Next Generation Science Standards taught in their classroom or in the school science lab. The school’s science teacher extends gardening lessons to incorporate environmental concepts and create location-based investigations.

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