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The perfect choice for lockers and changing rooms to furniture subject to heavy use, Compact MDF is the latest decorative surface available from Unilin Panels. With a high density, moisture resistant black core, Compact MDF needs no edging tape and can be used in damp environments. It is also ideal for spaces subject to intensive use: changing rooms and dressing rooms, sanitary areas, kitchen and bathroom furniture, product displays and worktops can all benefit from its excellent resistance to scratches and wear. .

The core of Compact MDF is made from 100% reclaimed wood. This is wood and wood waste that is no longer usable for someone else, which is used in the production of MDF to save it from incineration. More specifically, MDF is made from wood from residual flows from the wood industry and thinnings from sustainable forest management and roadside maintenance.

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Compact MDF is available in a wide range of looks. From the material-true Fibromax Compact MR Black and classic wood effects to brushed metals and an extraordinary collection of solid colors, there’s a finish to coordinate with almost any interior. So whether recreating a sophisticated and welcoming wood for bespoke features in a hotel bedroom, or brightly colour-coded storage in a primary school or office, Unilin Panels Compact MDF is an excellent starting point.

Available in different thicknesses, the material is easy to process using standard MDF tools. The wide panel format (2070 x 2800 mm) also reduces sawing losses and ensures fewer joints. An economical answer for decorative finishes, Compact MDF is the multi-purpose panel.

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