Affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness to renovate


DENVER – A 100-unit apartment building in downtown Denver that focuses on providing housing to homeless people is getting a head-to-toe overhaul.

The excitement begins to build for the residents of the Forum Apartments, which are located directly opposite the Town Hall.

“Everything will be brand new,” said Jon Lonardo, who lives in the building.

In about a year, the building, which since 1995 has served as long-term accommodation for once homeless people, will finally receive a much-needed renovation.

“There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, and there are definitely some really important things that need to be done,” said Carl Huey, who lives in the Forum Apartments.

The renovations include changes to the air conditioning system, elevators, electricity, plumbing and more. For the Colorado Coalition for Homeless, owner of the building, the facelift offers residents a better quality of life.

“Being able to have a new kitchen and new appliances, new counters, new furniture; having elevators that don’t break every other day or biweekly, and having improved community space so the 100 people who live here can come together to work on issues … you know, [to]have a quality of life that they all aspire to, ”said John Parvensky, CEO and Chairman of the Coalition.

The renovations were made possible through $ 10 million bonds approved by city council.

“And then the city will get in return a commitment that this building will last 60 years to provide housing for low-income people, especially the homeless,” Parvensky said.

“I’m grateful for what I have. And for any improvement, I’m grateful for that as well,” Huey said.

People who live in Forum Apartments pay 30% of their income in rent and if they do not have a job, social workers are there to help them. Currently, the building is 100% occupied.

The renovations will begin in November and should be completed by next fall.

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