A woman turns a hula-hoop into an elegant Christmas decoration


The hoop is a staple food in every person’s childhood; have contests with friends to see who can last the longest spinning it around their waist or who can do the most hoops at once. The iconic hula hoop has survived, many adults have found entertainment in it in recent years, it has become popular in fluid arts and useful in crafts.

TikTok Content Creator @Inspiration_decoration covering all things DIY decorating posted a video showing how she turned a pink hoop into a beautiful Christmas decoration that screams elegance.


To make her design, she begins by sanding her hoop, then attaches the hoop to a thin piece of wood strong enough to serve as a base holding the hoop. A generous layer of gold spray paint is added to the whole hoop and plank structure. Once it has dried, she starts at the bottom and wraps gold tinsel around the hoop until it reaches the top middle and glues the end, she attaches gold tree ornaments along the hoop and start adding unique trinkets to continue with the glittery gold theme.

Who would have thought that the iconic plastic hoop could become so elegant?

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