A leading home improvement contractor in Washington DC, is known for delivering high quality home improvement services


Elite Contractor Services, one of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC’s leading home improvement contractors, is known for providing high quality, personalized and creative home improvement services to area homeowners.

There are a plethora of reasons why homeowners would want to remodel or expand their home. For example, if the family wants to sell the house, the renovation can help increase its sales potential. Or maybe there’s less space in the house for the growing family. Expanding the house can help make more space instead of pushing the family to look for another house. But the main reason to remodel or extend a house is simple – everyone can get bored with the same interior and exterior after months and years of living in the same house!

This is where Elite Contractor Services comes into play. Elite Contractor Services offers extensive support in home renovations and additions. From kitchen extensions to basement renovations, homeowners can take advantage of the expertise of a team of professionals and make their homes look like new properties.

According to Ana Blanco, Marketing Manager for Elite Contractor Services, “Home is where the heart is. Every homeowner wants their home to be as beautiful as possible. But it’s not possible for everyone to move into an expensive property every time they get tired inside and out of their home. That’s why, at Elite Contractors Services, we offer homeowners a chance to redesign and remodel their home exactly the way they want.

High quality and personalized services offered in one place

From adding a second story to custom kitchen design, Elite Contractor Services offers a wide variety of support for homeowners with their home renovations and repairs. Some of the services include:

  • Addition of solarium to provide a transitional space in the house when it is too hot outside
  • Expansion of the garage to make room for more vehicles
  • Expanding an attic, renovating an underutilized attic, or building a new attic if it doesn’t exist
  • Affordable bathroom addition or extension
  • Kitchen extension or addition, aiming to bring more depth and detail to the kitchen
  • Bespoke home design to furnish old or newly purchased homes

Another reason to prefer Elite Contractor Services is the extra support provided by the company. For example, if the homeowner needs permission from the local authorities to expand their garage or add a conservatory, the company can help apply for permission.

Elite Contractor Services also offers in-depth consultation to homeowners who want to improve the interior or exterior of their home, but aren’t sure how to do it. Moreover, all the services are supported according to the budget of the clients.

So, anyone looking for high quality, personalized home addition or home improvement services can contact Elite Contractor Services to make their dream home a reality.


Elite Contractor Services is a family business that provides home improvement services in various cities across the United States, including Washington DC, Mount Vernon Virginia, and Fairfax VA. The company is known for providing extensive consulting services to people who are looking for high quality home improvement services and want to repair their home. Among the variety of services offered by the company, Elite Contractor Services can help families renovate their homes or add specific areas, such as the attic, garage, porch, bathroom or basement. What started as a small family business has now grown into a leading home improvement company in some of America’s most populous cities.

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