A guide to a colorful kitchen


By Rajiv Sethi

New Delhi, September 5 (SocialNews.XYZ) A color renaissance is long overdue, especially in light of the spread of all-white spaces. These spacious, monochromatic areas look elegant while being serene and photogenic. Plus, there are tons of colorful wallpapers and patterned tile designs you can explore while adding brightly colored paint to your home, starting with the kitchen.

Even if you’re ready to run to the paint store, there are other options than just painting your walls a cheerful pink or soothing green. Vases, plates, hutches and other objects can all be used to add color to a space. Alternatively, for a pop of color that looks a bit more varied, browse through the many colorful wallpaper selections that are on offer. Combining all of these ideas can be a great new start for your kitchen if you’re feeling extra brave. No matter where they fall on the hue spectrum, no one should be afraid to periodically spice things up chromatically in their kitchen.

Implement a Coral Burst

Coral is the perfect balance between pink and orange. Despite having a great year in 2019, it has cemented its position as a trendy alternative for kitchen cabinets. Whether you paint your tops, bottoms, or the entire kitchen peachy pink, it will work well for you as a punchy splash of color. It is a warm and spicy color.

The contemporary farmhouse look

Sage green cabinets add a nice splash of color against the white ceiling and cozy wood units. Adding a pastel color can brighten up your kitchen space while maintaining your minimalist style and giving it a rustic yet sophisticated feel.

The shade of sage green is particularly popular for kitchens. Because it’s a light and soothing tone, you’ll appreciate the natural, neutral look it gives your kitchen for many years to come. Sage green can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen, including on walls, cabinets, and appliances. The softer tone of this one means your white paint will set it off without competing with the other colorful furniture in the room. This is advantageous for small kitchens as it makes them appear larger than they are. Larger kitchens benefit from more open spaces and light, which creates a warm atmosphere.

Consider a wider color spectrum

When you think of color, it’s easy to picture neon hues and pastels, but jewel tones shouldn’t be ignored. They’re bold and atmospheric even if they’re not quite as loud and impressive.

Reduce the brightness and adopt sapphire, emerald and ruby ​​hues if you want to look elegant. Many of these gems are actually good partners, which may surprise you.

Khaki ceramic tile color scheme

If you use dark red cabinets, khaki-colored ceramic brick tiles, and just a touch of dark gray countertops, your kitchen will emphasize a sleek red color scheme. As a result, your kitchen interior design takes on a striking vibe and looks bold, fashionable and shiny.

This color palette could be paired with a single-color floral or patterned wallpaper on one wall to accentuate the red tones of the cabinetry.

Focus on the three

A kitchen with three tones or one that uses colors derived from gemstones can be very effective. The space has a soothing wood base, but amethyst, teal, and pink surfaces give it a fresh, contemporary feel. If you like to keep things simple, you can let cabinets and cupboards take care of the color palette for things like light fixtures and kitchen utensils.

make it all yellow

Since yellow often looks quite bold and is usually used as a secondary hue or an accent color to make distinctive additions, it can be difficult to choose it for the whole kitchen. A yellow kitchen, however, could unintentionally brighten the room and give it a cottage-style home feel. When natural light is limited, painting your kitchen with a yellow hue will visually warm up the space.

The teal kitchen

The best way to incorporate teal into your kitchen is to paint the cabinets this color while keeping the countertop material, which is usually marble, light gray or cream. Then you can use a complementary yellow hue in your kitchen design to act as an accent color and draw attention to your main teal color. This combination helps to add sparkle to your kitchen space, making it look bright and fresh at any time of the day, no matter how dirty it gets.

Make the kitchen dark

A simple strategy for a colorful kitchen can produce a modern look. The combination of warm wood cabinetry, white marble countertops and gold hardware provides the aesthetic shown above. Another strategy is to use dark teal or gray cabinetry with copper and white accents. Woodcraft International, a renowned interior design company in India, suggests combining the cabinets with black appliances and a white marble backdrop.

As a last resort, one can use the wooden island counter, white marble countertops and soft gray cabinets to combine warm and cool tones in the kitchen design.

The importance of choosing the right color palette for your kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. This is where family and friends will meet to enjoy carefully prepared meals. The place where everyone starts their day and has a hearty breakfast is also there. Therefore, choosing the appropriate colors for a kitchen is essential. The colors chosen can have a big impact on the mood you want in a room, especially in a kitchen.

Depending on the color scheme chosen for the wall or the furniture, the mood can completely change. And it will have an instant effect on the way you live in your home every day.

(Rajiv Sethi, Founder and Director, Woodcraft International)

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A guide to a colorful kitchen

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