8 Dollarama Christmas Decorations to Decorate Your Apartment Hallways for Under $25


It’s the season to start decorate hallways and you don’t need to spend a ton of money to do it. Christmas expenses can easily add up, but taking a trip to Dollarama this season, you can decorate your space without blowing your vacation budget.

Here are eight cheap Christmas decorations which you can find at Dollarama and you can buy them all for a total cost of less than $25.

Ornamental bulbs

Dollarama Red Christmas Ornament Balls.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $1.50

Dollarama has a ton of holiday ornaments in different shapes and sizes and they are a versatile decoration. These ten-bulb packs can be used to hang from your Christmas tree, placed in a clear vase to display on a table, or hung with wire above a window (or anywhere really).


Wreath hanging with a bow from Dollarama.

Wreath hanging with a bow from Dollarama.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $2.50

This Dollarama wreath is lightweight and has a hanging loop so you can hang it anywhere in your home. It can be displayed on either side of your door depending on where you want to add more holiday cheer.

artificial snow

Dollarama Artificial Snow Bomb Spray.

Dollarama Artificial Snow Bomb Spray.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $2

You can make your space look like a winter wonderland by adding artificial snow. Dollarama offers both snow spray and fluffy faux snow options, depending on where you want it to look snowy. The spray can be added to mirrors and windows, meaning it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

‘peace sign

Glitter wooden 'Peace' sign for <a class=Christmas decoration.”/>

Glitter wooden ‘Peace’ sign for Christmas decoration.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $4.25

This wooden ‘peace’ sign makes a lovely centerpiece on your mantle and you can find other holiday words carved into the wood, such as ‘joy’.


Dollarama Holiday Garland Strands.

Dollarama Holiday Garland Strands.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $1.50 to $3.25

The garland can add a festive touch to corners, stairs, mantels and small spaces as it is lightweight and can be draped over many items. Dollarama offers a variety of garland options, and you can decorate with colorful shimmering strands or more traditional-looking pieces.


Nutcracker Christmas figurine.

Nutcracker Christmas figurine.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $4

Dollarama has Christmas figurines that come in different characters like Santa Claus, snowmen, and nutcrackers. It is a strong and sturdy decorative piece that can be placed on any flat surface, including your fireplace mantel or kitchen counter.

Mini tree

Shimmering red mini <a class=Christmas trees with green bulbs.”/>

Shimmering red mini Christmas trees with green bulbs.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $2.25

Red Glitter Trees are small and lightweight, so they can be added to any festive display and easily moved around the house.

decorative cushion

Checkered tree pillow with the words

Checkered tree pillow with the words ‘let it snow’.

Megan Johnson | Narcity

Price: $5

Christmas is the perfect time to lean into the cozy season and this ‘let it snow’ throw pillow will add some holiday flair to your sofa or bed. It’s also great for cuddling up while you watch your favorite vacation movies.


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