8 Best Decorative Garden Stakes


Which decorative garden stakes are the best?

Decorative garden stakes are a great way to add creativity to any garden. Unlike traditional stakes, they come in different colours, shapes and designs, making them perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of personality to their garden. Moreover, they are functional. You can use them to support and train plants, mark rows of different varieties of plants, and highlight different garden areas.


No matter the design, garden stakes can do the following:

  • Supporting plants: Tall plants, especially those that bear fruit or have large, heavy flowers, tend to be top heavy. Without support, the rod can bend and break. But with a garden stake, you can keep your plants upright until they are strong enough to support their weight. This is also beneficial if you live somewhere with strong winds that would otherwise topple plants.
  • Train factories: By planting large plants and small trees and tying off the branches, you can encourage them to grow as you wish.
  • Create or mark lines: If you have a large or complex garden with several varieties of plants, you can use stakes to mark out specific areas. It can help keep your garden organized. Stakes can also indicate if plants are starting to creep into areas where you don’t want them to grow.
  • Add a creative aesthetic: Whether you want something tasteful and elegant or something more extravagant, decorative stakes can add to the aesthetics of your garden.

How to use garden stakes

To use a garden stake, start by determining where you want to place it. It should be several inches from the nearest plant to avoid hitting the roots. Then hammer it about 6 inches into the ground. Wrap it up in the dirt around it so it’s stable enough to stay in place on its own. Ideally, the stake should be 8 to 12 inches higher than the plant it is supporting. This way it can continue to support the plant as it grows.

One or two stakes should suffice for most plants. Use garden twine, heavy-duty twine, or zip ties for extra support to secure the plant stem to the stake. If you experience strong gusts in your area, add an additional peg.

Plants to stake

Plants that easily overproduce, grow tall, or are top-heavy can benefit from additional support. These include:

  • Green beans and peas
  • Tomatoes
  • peppers
  • Watermelons and squash
  • Cucumbers

If you are growing vines, consider using trellises instead of stakes, as they can provide additional support.


Decorative garden stakes are usually made of durable materials that can withstand the elements, such as metal, wood, or plastic.

Where to use

The advantage of decorative garden stakes is that they can still be used as an accent piece, even if you don’t need them for practical purposes. They look great around many types of plants, including tall bushy plants, ferns, trees, and perennial flowers.

They are also a creative addition to the following types of garden beds:

  • Raised Garden Beds: Raised Garden Beds usually rest in a wooden, metal or plastic frame raised above the ground. Add a decorative stake every few plants or so for a creative touch.
  • container gardens: These usually rely on one or two types of potted plants. They are also good for indoor gardening. A small stake can draw attention to whatever you are growing.
  • Outdoor gardens: Outdoor gardens grow straight out of the ground and often require more support. They can be any size, so choose the stakes accordingly.


Similar to standard stakes, decorative stakes have a pointed end that goes straight into the ground. Some models have two or more pins instead of a single point.

In terms of design, these stakes are versatile. They come in almost all shapes and designs, including plants or flowers, globes, birds or animals, fairies, and geometric shapes.

Some are more translucent, while others have bold or vibrant colors or patterns. They can look semi-realistic, look like cartoons, or come in the form of abstract patterns.


There is no set standard for the size of decorative garden stakes. If you want something functional, opt for a taller or wider stake that can support your plants. If you are growing small plants or have a more compact garden bed, choose a smaller stake that does not overwhelm the plants.

Other Features

Some decorative garden stakes come with a small solar cell or panel that lights up after dark to give your garden a beautiful glow. Others are designed to hold water, which can attract songbirds.

8 Best Decorative Garden Stakes

Juegoal Set of Six Metal Garden Stakes Spring Decoration

With an assortment of decorative 15-inch garden stakes ranging from hummingbirds to bees, this creative and colorful set is perfect for small gardens and large potted plants. They are made from durable metal and made to last. They also have a spring that allows them to move with the wind.

Sold by Amazon

Best Winston Porter Garden Stake

Winston Porter Garden Stake

This 31 inch garden stake is available in green, clear and lavender and looks fantastic. The solar crackle glass ball has a solar light that adds a beautiful glow to plants at night.

Sold by Wayfair

Best Elcoho Black Cat Silhouette Garden Statues

Elcoho Black Cat Silhouette Garden Statues

These four cat-shaped stakes come in different sizes and poses, making them versatile for any garden. They are durable and stay upright even against strong winds.

Sold by Amazon

Hampton Bay's Best Solar Flamingo Garden Stake

Hampton Bay Solar Flamingo Garden Stake

This bright pink flamingo garden stake is cute and practical. It is made from hand painted glasses and durable metal. It measures approximately 31 inches tall. The body is powered by solar energy and glows in the dark.

Sold by Home deposit

Best Butterfly Plant Stake Exhart WindyWings

Exhart WindyWings Butterfly Plant Stake

These six ornamental garden stakes include either butterflies, dragonflies, birds or an assortment. They are hand painted and wind, sun and water resistant. Some butterflies have springs, so they move when the wind hits them.

Sold by Amazon and Home deposit

Best Filigree Garden Stake Ethereal Luster Latitude Run

Latitude Run Ethereal Filigree Chandelier Garden Stake

This large stake measures 6.5 inches wide and 35.5 inches high. It uses a solar-powered LED light inside a glass ball, so it glows at night. It has a unique open shape and blends well with fantasy-themed garden decor.

Sold by Wayfair

Best Westcharm Crowing Metal Rooster Weathervane

Westcharm Singing Metal Rooster Weathervane

This brightly colored metal stake is shaped like a rooster and stands 48 inches tall. It can rotate with the wind and point in the four cardinal directions, which makes it creative and functional.

Sold by Amazon

Best Charlton Home Ricketts Garden Stake

Charlton Home Ricketts Garden Stake

This garden stake looks like a fantasy-inspired water drop. It comes in red, blue, yellow, green and light blue. It also has a solar panel that powers a small LED light. The metal base is UV and fade resistant.

Sold by Wayfair

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