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Designers from coast to coast are cooking up new ideas for improving the kitchen. This year’s hottest trends bring many new aesthetic approaches, while functionality also plays a prominent role in the best design ideas.

If you’re planning to upgrade your kitchen, take inspiration from these on-trend elements spotted by the design experts at Wellborn Cabinet:

single tile

In recent years, backsplash tiles have taken on a bigger role in kitchen design and have continued to grow in popularity to the point where the tiles are now a focal point. From eye-catching colors and patterns to texture that brings a new dimension, kitchen tiles can make a big statement. In fact, bold tiles aren’t just limited to the backsplash. Patterned tile is a trendy option for adding character to your floor and dressing up typically under-designed spaces like the window jamb with a practical material, like tile, that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Multiple devices

Function is at the center of residential kitchen design this year, and homeowners’ increasing demands for appliances are proof of that. From double ovens to additional dishwashers, homeowners engage in more useful features. Some kitchens even come with two refrigerators, which may be a nod to how grocery shopping habits have changed during the pandemic, with fewer, but more significant trips to the store.

Walk-in pantry

Whether you capitalize on the mystique of a “hidden” room or are drawn to the idea of ​​a more cohesive aesthetic, a walk-through pantry can be a stunning and functional solution. With a walk-through pantry, you can add extra space to an existing pantry to create better flow to your floor plan. Available in a variety of widths and heights, Wellborn Cabinet’s pantry blends naturally with the rest of your cabinetry to create visual continuity. Built-in magnetic door latches add stability and keep doors securely closed.

Wood finishes

After years of painted cabinetry and wood paneling dominating kitchen design, wood grain finishes are making a comeback. The look is comfortable and inviting, and with a wide range of dye options, it’s also possible to take the ultra-modern look or veer into a more traditional style. Outside of cabinetry, there’s plenty of room to incorporate the warmth of wood, such as butcher block countertops or exposed beams.

Green, blue and earth tones

Jewel-inspired hues have had their moment, but this season’s color palette is more about subtle hues that blend with neutrals for lighter, brighter spaces that feel airier and more spacious. Greens, in particular, pair well with a range of wood finishes, be it cabinets, countertops or furniture. Incorporating greens, blues and other nature-inspired colors allows you to bring an earthy serenity to a bustling and busy room, and this pattern lends itself well to a design that creates a cohesive connection with the space. adjacent outdoor living space.

Smart storage solutions

The kitchen is a busy place prone to clutter, and this season you’ll find plenty of examples of practical solutions appearing in showcase kitchens. Features that can make your kitchen tasks easier and cleaner come in all shapes and sizes. For example, discreet knife blocks tucked into the drawers, drawer dividers for maximum customization and sliders that facilitate the emptying of trash cans and recycling bins.

Marble countertops

Marble isn’t necessarily a new trend, but this year the focus is on marble slabs with eye-catching veining that really make countertops pop. For a fresh approach to marble, forgo typical white, gray or black styles in favor of color. Remarkable golden veins or even full slabs with stunning greens, blues and reds can make a splash. If budget is an issue or you’re worried about too many goodies, consider using a bold slab on a smaller space, like the island, rather than outfitting the entire kitchen.

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